Bluetooth Lock

BLE Lock

  • Visibility : Outside
  • Temperproof : No
  • Asset Management : Needed
  • Charging : Not Needed(in built)
  • Battery : 850 mAH (10000 operations)/li>
  • KeyLess : Yes
  • Opened via : Bluetooth
  • Door Sensor : No
  • Installation Time : 2 minutes
  • WaterProof : Yes (IP 66)
  • Operating Temp : -20 to 70 C
  • Type : Detachable
  • Weight : Light
  • Tracking Interval : No
  • GPS Accuracy : No
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Visual Indicator : No
  • Mapping of vehicle and Lock : No

Bluetooth Lock

This is a smart lock which uses wireless technology to perform locking and unlocking. Secure your home and property with the latest technology.

These locks withstand actual assaults and hacks, ensuring your property with military grade encryption and high-security highlights. Never stress over losing your keys or failing to remember a pattern or password again.

How Bluetooth locks help in keeping your Home Safe?

These locks with Bluetooth capacities keep your home protected in an assortment of ways, and Bluetooth® innovation has a significant task to carry out in these varieties.

In the first place, Bluetooth is being used in such countless various items, when contrasted with contending advances. Pretty much every cell phone comes outfitted with Bluetooth, and the equivalent can be said for by far most of brilliant gadgets available.

With such countless shrewd gadgets being fit for utilizing and speaking with Bluetooth, it makes it a lot simpler for property holders to incorporate their brilliant locks with other savvy gadgets. This projects a lot more extensive wellbeing net, which will assist with protecting property holders.

Bluetooth gadgets are a lot more secure, particularly with the approach of the low energy highlight of Bluetooth. With these abilities don't need to be continually associated with the Internet, which definitely lessens the odds of somebody hacking into your home.

Likewise, they work with the negligible utilization of force, which thusly makes them durable and proficient.

These two highlights go inseparably to make it almost inconceivable for somebody to penetrate your organization.

Bluetooth transmissions are additionally done through versatile recurrence bouncing. This doubly guarantees that the legitimate transmissions are being sent starting with one point then onto the next with no outside obstruction.

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