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When it comes to cargo vehicles, you would often wonder what the best way to secure it is and even know the status of where it is. Say no more! You can keep track of your cargo trailer while also keeping it safe.

Nowadays, cargo theft can be very problematic for any business worldwide. Cargo theft can have severe consequences on a company since it leads to loss of goods and even the entire cargo trailer. Not only does it lead to loss financially, but it may also result in a bad reputation of your company and reduced customer loyalty since it leads to less trust of the customers in you.

Hence, you need to find a solution for yourself. It means that you should take decisive action to stop this from happening to your cargo trailer so that you won’t face any financial losses nor decrease your customer’s trust. Here begins the part of GPS tracking devices. Such devices are highly beneficial when it comes to tracking your cargo trailer so that you can ensure its safety and know about its location as well.

One of the best tracking devices is a GPS Padlock which can help in 2 things- tracking your trailer and safeguarding it.

When you track your cargo trailer through a GPS tracking device like a GPS Padlock, it enables you to reduce unauthorized use or theft, protect your cargo trailer, and even helps to enhance asset utilization.

Hence, when installing a GPS tracking device on your cargo trailer, you can track your cargo trailer in real-time, confront any stolen risks, and even take immediate actions based on the status that you can see through the GPS tracking device.

Why GPS Padlock for trailer security?

As discussed above, you must safeguard your cargo trailer through any means.

One of the best ways to know all about the status of your trailer is to install a GPS tracking device or simply a GPS Padlock in your vehicle.

Let’s discuss why these devices are necessary for your cargo trailer.

The main reason is to prevent cargo theft. Now, why is such prevention necessary? It’s because, in addition to the loss of goods present in the trailer, you will also face issues with the insurance of the trailer, and even the recovery process will be costly and complex. Suppose that a theft occurred on your device.

In that case, you wouldn’t be able to provide certain information to the authorities necessary for the investigation if your trailer didn’t have any GPS padlock or other such devices.

Moreover, there has been an increasing rise in cargo theft in the USA. As a result, thieves aren’t focusing on trucks that are parked at a specific facility.

Instead, they are focusing on the trailers that are on the road and moving. Hence, even during the travel from one place to another, the cargo trailer is vulnerable to high theft risks.

In such situations, trailer tracking GPS Padlocks or devices can help a lot. They can reduce the vulnerabilities of our cargo trailer and even protect it from theft since you can follow it on a real-time basis.

Hence other tracking devices can help you confront these problems and find effective solutions for cargo theft.

What are the advantages of a tracking device or GPS Padlock?

You can attach a GPS Padlock to your cargo trailer and even track the same through the lock. The same is with other tracking devices where you can attach it to the trailer and then track it the entire time from anywhere.

Since device would be a battery-powered device, you won’t have any issues, and it will have long battery life and no problems due to changing weather.

Let’s discuss some more benefits or features of a GPS Padlock or tracking device so that you know how exactly it can help you with the safety of your cargo trailer.

The location would be easy to get:

Since a GPS Padlock or device is a GPS solution for your cargo trailer, it will enable you to check the live location of your cargo trailer no matter wherever it is going. Such a feature will be incredible for you to reduce the risks of theft of your cargo trailer. That way, you would also reduce the risk of incurring financial losses occurring due to the robbery. Moreover, if you can track your cargo trailer, you can detect it if it gets stolen.

Wherever that thief takes your trailer, you will be able to track it, and there’s a chance of recovery as well. Hence, it’s highly beneficial and is a must-add device for your trailer.

Keeping an eye on your assets:

If you have a GPS Padlock or device attached to your cargo trailer, you can effectively keep your goods safe since you will be keeping an eye on the location of the goods from a remote distance.

Moreover, in case you see that your cargo trailer is going in the wrong direction, you can even inform the police regarding the same so that you can save your cargo trailer from any mishaps like theft.

Security alert features:

Some GPS padlocks or devices also come with security alert features through which you can get instant alerts if any security breach occurs in your cargo trailer. Hence, it’s perfect for keeping your trailer secure from any suspicious activities.

Suppose someone tries to unlock the GPS Padlock without the key or code. Then, you would get security alerts on the device connected to any other device you are using to track your cargo trailer.

Geofence&Geozone alerts:

Not only will you be able to look at the location of your cargo trailer, but you will also be able to check the information regarding the arrival or departure of your trailer in the form of alerts.

It’s perfect for getting automated notification of when you will be getting a particular shipment. You will also get to know when your truck is taking off for the journey so that you can keep better track of it from anywhere.

Smooth running business:

You can ensure a smooth-running business if you have a high-quality security system and a GPS Padlock or device.

It will help you decrease the stress of thinking about what will happen to your cargo trailer or the shipment you are sending. Such thoughts can be very fearful, and if it happens in reality, you will incur heavy losses. Hence, having a GPS tracking device can show fruitful results and help you stay stress-free when it comes to your cargo trailer security.

How come a GPS Padlock will prove to be a reliable tracking device?

You would now question why to go for a GPS Padlock when you can or already have an entire tracking system. There’s a reason behind that. Even if you do have a complete tracking system installed in your cargo trailer, you can still add a GPS padlock in your trailer. The reason is that nowadays, thieves are getting smarter and smarter. They are accommodating to the latest technology trends. In such cases, they would use the latest tools and software that can jam your tracking devices.

However, if you get a GPS padlock that’s strong enough, the thieves won’t be able to control it, and hence it would be easier for you to catch them or save your trailer.

What to see as in a tracking device?

When it comes to a GPS tracking device, you should always get the one that will be the most reliable and provide effective results.

That’s why a GPS Padlock works the best since it’s a locking system plus a tracking system that offers two types of work for safeguarding your trailer. Some of the things that you should consider when choosing a tracking device for your cargo trailer include:

Location data quality:

Real-time tracking is better than a location ping that will come in about every 5 minutes or so. It’s because seeing your cargo trailer move live would be more helpful in tracking it because thefts can take place in even 5-10 minutes. So, if the tracking device can provide real-time live locations of your cargo trailer, then it’s good to go.

Easy to use:

You wouldn’t want to get complex systems that you wouldn’t even understand. Now, suppose the device is tricky to understand, and you cannot know the location; wouldn’t it be problematic? So, you would want to use a GPS tracker lock that is easy to install and even easier to understand.

Customer support:

You should also ensure the company from which you are buying the lock for tracking your device. If they are communicative and provide efficient customer support for any of your queries, then they are a good help for you. It ensures that you will help their support in the future in case you have some issue with the lock.


Another essential thing to look for in a GPS tracking device or lock is their power. It’s important. Suppose that its battery span is less and your cargo trailer is going to a location that takes time to reach. In that case, if the lock’s battery goes off in the middle of the journey, you won’t be able to track it from that point onwards. Hence, please check the battery span or power beforehand.

How can Kiasa International be helpful in GPS tracking your cargo trailers?

We know the value of cargo trailers and their safety. Hence, we have come up with the best solution for your cargo security that’s both safe and secure for you.

The GPS padlock is the best tracking device that you can use, which is also a lock. You can effectively install it on your trailer and keep tracking it for its safety. It’s made by installing GPS and an advanced wireless communication technology that’s made explicitly for securing cargo trailers.

It is a heavy-duty and high-security intelligent lock through which you can track your trailer without any hassle. Its built-in high-capacity battery will last longer, so you don’t have to worry about the power of this lock. You can now communicate using Bluetooth, GSM, RFID and even get accurate information. Accurate information includes precise tracking data, lock status, and even real-time warning alerts for any suspicious activity.

So, if you want a GPS lock that can provide you with the most accurate live results of your trailer’s location and even provide security alerts, then the GPS padlock is perfect for you. The best thing here is that you won’t even have to go through the hassle of trying to install it for hours. It’s simple to fix, and you can put it in your trailer in merely 2 minutes. It is a lightweight lock that comes with a 3-5 min tracking interval. It’s made up of aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel lock rods, which would make it difficult for thieves to break.


Hence, now you know why a GPS Padlock or other tracking device is crucial for your trailer. It supports you to be notified of the status of your cargo trailer’s location.

Moreover, it plays a vital role in securing your trailer from any theft activities or intrusion. Furthermore, you can stay updated about where your trailer is going and whether it’s heading in the right direction or not.

Several things are there that you should look out for when selecting a device. You should ensure that it can provide real-time reports of the location of your trailer, help in getting high-security alerts, and even its power should last longer.

Thus, when you use such a device, you can rest secured on the safety of your trailer. Also, adding other security systems can enable complete security on your cargo trailer.

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