Shipping Container Pad Lock

GPS Pad Lock

  • Visibility : Outside
  • Temperproof : No
  • Asset Management : Needed
  • Charging : Needed (4 hrs)
  • Battery : 6400 mAH
  • KeyLess : Yes
  • Opened via : Bluetooth/Message/RFID
  • Door Sensor : No
  • Installation Time : 2 minutes
  • WaterProof : Yes (IP 67)
  • Operating Temp : -20 to 70 C
  • Type : Detachable
  • Weight : Light
  • Tracking Interval : 3-5 min
  • GPS Accuracy : 5 metres
  • Material : Aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel lock rod
  • Visual Indicator : No
  • Mapping of vehicle and Lock : Every Trip
This lock is a combination of gps tracking and padlock. Gps is used to track and locate the vehicle and the lock is used to secure the good and asset in the vehicle.

This lock is the perfect for the transportation vehicle which carry goods.

Who should use GPS PADLOCK?

Undeniable degree of safety and observing of shipped products.

The right strides to take to secure your own property.

Business owner, Logistics Company and Goods transporters who ships asset and can also be used for fleet management.

For High Security for capacity units, retail facades, candy machines and business gear.

How GPS PADLOCK can help you save cost

  • Utilizations Cellular innovation that conveys the lock's status, while permitting you to pick your preferred specialized gadget, regardless of whether phone, PC or tablet.
  • Keyless Padlock – It kills the need to keep up with and circulate keys, which may get lost or broken.
  • Online access anyplace, any time.
  • Ongoing information with Full log of when it was opened, by whom and for how long
  • Capacity to catch significant information for future arranging.
  • Altered cautions for every one of your checked units.
  • Consequently produces investigates a day by day/week by week/month to month premise, with determined information.
  • Across the board answers for whole scope of gadgets.
  • Inserted with GPS abilities.

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