Safe'O'Buddy Container Lock

Safe'O'Buddy Lock

  • Visibility : Invisible
  • Temperproof : Yes
  • Asset Management : Not Needed
  • Charging : Not Needed
  • KeyLess : No
  • Opened via : Remotely
  • Door Sensor : Yes
  • Installation Time : 3-4 hours
  • WaterProof : Splash proof
  • Operating Temp : -10 to 70 C
  • Type : Fixed
  • Weight : Heavy
  • Tracking Interval : 30 Sec
  • GPS Accuracy : 5 metres
  • Material : Iron, Stainless steel Lock Rod
  • Visual Indicator : Yes
  • Mapping of vehicle and Lock : One time

Safe’O’Buddy GPS Lock:-

Safe’O’Buddy lock is a container vehicle security lock which helps in mitigating losses due to theft or unforeseen circumstances while the container vehicle is in transit.

Real-time alerts on location, tampering, mounting and unmounting events, historical reporting and much more.

Safe’O’Buddy is a OTP based heavy duty robust waterproof lock best for shipping container to enhance cargo security reduce risk and improve profitability.

No more worrying about cargo theft.

This GPS Lock provides you with the best experience. We providing easy installation and training demos by authorized technicians.

Who should use Safe’O’Buddy Lock:-

  • In lockers and ATM machines use it because it secures your things from the thief.
  • Business owners and Logistics companies can use this Lock.
  • You can use in ware-house for safety purpose.
  • Security Company
  • High Security area
  • Gas and oil companies
  • Government and Military
  • Pharmaceutical & medical institutions

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