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Shutter Lock

Know About Shutter Lock

Safe'O'Buddy Smart Shutter Lock

We assist shop owners, public storages, warehouses, in securing their assets through our shutter lock. It's keyless unlike other locks; hence making it the smartest of all. You can have access to unlocking history online. They can be accessed only via passcode, which can even be generated remotely via our Safe'O'Buddy App, hence making you free of issues coming at opening and closing times of stores. Furthermore making you go worry-less of managing a key.


Digital Key offers great advantages

Keyless shutter access

Access Via App / Keypad

Data access online

Lock/ Unlock Status

Auto Locking

Can work without internet too

Low maintenance

Low battery alarm

Safe'O'Buddy Smart Shutter Lock

It's key-less unlike other locks available, making it the smartest of all hence go worry-less of managing a key.

Unlock remotely via Safe'O'Buddy APP With OTP

Even you not present at the required location, you can access it generating an OTP remotely via Safe'O'Buddy App and get it unlocked.

Smart Shutter Lock

Where to Deploy

Public Storages
Shops & Showrooms
and Many more....

How to Open



No Key management and monitor lock open and close time

A complete solution

Attain the utmost level of security with key-less shutter lock and preserve your valuable belongings.

Multi-User Functionality

It facilitates multi-user functionality at the same time for your ease.

Digital Record Access

Access history online, when and why whom shutter was locked or unlocked to ensure high-end security

Easy to Install & Set up

Easy-wireless installation, makes it attractive for the users. Just pair it with your mobile and Wi-Fi and you are set to go.

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