About Us

About Us

Each and every one of us perhaps wants to lead a secured life, being smart enough to survive in this ever-changing world, for which we modernize our lifestyles. So why not opt for advanced locks instead of the ordinary locks?

Under the umbrella of Dhanuka Electrotech Private Limited, KIASA International works continuously to upgrade and provide best security solutions to mitigate everyday problems regarding safeguarding your assets in the best possible manner.

Accompanying integrity with excellence, our complete security solutions thrive to provide solutions for both, your dynamic and static assets. So, whether you run a large or small business or operate trucks, trailers, refrigerated assets, multimodal containers, chassis, or railcars,or you need to safeguard any of your doors be it shutters, glass doors, wooden doors, at home or office cabinets, hotel doors; our technology allows you to manage any asset, from any part of the world, with the help of a single and easy-to-use platform with our smart solutions.

Providing you with the right solutions for all your security needs is what we aim at, hence safeguarding all types of doors that protect your valuable belongings, in and out. Who won’t love to be worry-less of managing keys for each and every lock of yours? This is exactly what makes our products distinct and attractive i.e. the idea of being keyless! Our obsession with security is a measure of the power we have granted the future to hold over us.

Our innovations enable real-time visibility, tracking and control of your assets as they move across the supply chain for improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, safety, compliance, and customer retention.

What Is It?

  • All-round security system
    Get remote security for any asset, including home belongings, business assets, etc., through our innovative security lock systems and unlock effortlessly.

  • Fool proof locking system
    Our fool proof lock systems don’t allow any unauthorized access as it’s inaccessible from the outside.

  • Remote controlling system
    You can control (open and lock) the locks remotely through our smart security locks. Such locks allow you to open or close them even remotely through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Pin code.

PINNACLE OF SECURITYPeace of mind is a matter of choice, so let’s join hands and take a step forward towards setting a secure platform for all our valuable belongings.

GO KEYLESSThe innovations we bring forth aim on the idea of going keyless, for all our locks, to bring the advanced technologies in use. Thus, smart locks for smart people.

GET EYES OF PROTECTIONNobody amongst us can be smart enough to keep an eye on everything manually; here we are to serve the best of our services with our wide variety of products.


We aim is to empower your security needs, be it the work or the residential sector, whether it’s a container, door, shutter etc. Our vigilance and innovation has helped us meet all the requirements of a customer in all areas.


Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. We envision becoming a leading security solutions provider, across commercial, industrial, and the residential sector as well. Coming up with advancement and providing top-notch protection by our products.


We are driven by ethical work culture, transparency, commitment, teamwork, respect, integrity, trust, accountability and effective communication all through this.


  • SafeObuddy Lock: It provides complete security for cargo trailers, containers, etc.
  • Hotel Door Lock: Hotel owners can now rest at ease with hotel door lock security solutions.
  • Shutter lock: We assist shop owners in securing their shops through shutter lock.
  • Cabinet Lock: Security of personal belongings, important documents, etc., is easier through our cabinet lock.
  • Glass door lock: Whether it’s a normal or a glass door, we can help you with our effective door locks.
  • Video doorbell: Keep an eye through our video doorbell security system.
  • GPS Padlock: Keep track of your trailers or containers through our GPS padlock.
  • BLE lock: You can now get ensured security through our BLE locks.
  • Fingerprint lock: Open the lock without any keys and let your fingerprints do the work.

As per Bruce Schneier, “SECURITY IS A PROCESS, NOT A PRODUCT.” Moreover, security isn’t a one-time process but a continuous one. You don’t just consider securityonce. Instead, you have to maintain it in order to avoid incurring any losses or damage. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, security is a matter of concern for everyone. It is comprised in order to impart the optimum level of security, to secure the valuable belongings and therefore laying out the right solution for all your security needs.

If you go for an effective lock security solution for your industrial, commercial, or residential security purpose, then you can safeguard any losses by preventing theft or burglary issues. Such locks can assist you in monitoring and safeguarding your assets through a lock. Our locks support real-time monitoring, alerts, and insights on your lock status; which helps you take proactive actions in case of an unwanted activity taking place. You can increase your profitability, decrease and mitigate losses through our lock security systems effectively.

Thus, the most robust digital locks will be competent of withstanding all but the most violent attacks, and will provide many years of reliable service, even it is subjected to extreme use.

Reliable locksmiths ought to have the most recent innovations. Hence, with Kiasa, you can experience the most innovative ideas with operational ease, getting hands on advanced products in today’s scenario.

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