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Managing a hotel isn’t an easy task. There is a lot to look after to keep things running smooth and streamlined for one to maintain the surroundings.Now a day, everything is digitalized so well that we can keep a check on our homes, offices, hotels or any such place in a matter of few clicks.

We are here with one such delineation like no other, which is the Hotel Management Software to keep you stressed free in all consequences. This allows you to get hands on an easy to go platform for managing the most complicated task that is allotting and managing the room for the guests. It lets youto keep a track record of the hotel in just few clicks with a user friendly web portal as well as a mobile application.

The Hotel Management Software for the hotelier serves the maximum benefits in numerous ways with its high defined features. It is categorised into two that is a Safe’O’Buddy web portal which can be accessed only by the hotel owner and the staff members, being the best hotel software brought in use. The other part comes up with the Safe’O’Buddy application which is basically for the guests to have access to the rooms. The hotel staff or the admin can still have access to it without any concern but the features collectively based on the web portal are more proficient for the hotel owner and the staff and in case of application, it is more based on the guest user interface. Alike managing a key was a task during a stay in any hotel; it can now be wonderfully managed with this hotel management app.

Let’s know more in brief how each of these works.

Safe’O’Buddy - Best hotel software for the Hotelier!

This web portal namely, allows you to maintain a synchronized data of the total number of users of the hotel, total number of rooms, access count, access logs, check-ins and checkouts, changed logs; allows you to give access to the staff members of the hotel, etc.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The dashboard of the web portal has the following tabs as mentioned below:-

Total Rooms- As the name suggests, it addresses the total count of the rooms in the hotel.

Total Users- As the name justifies, it addresses the total number of staff members given an authorized access to the portal or the application if required.

Access Count- This shows the total count of the rooms that have been accessed so far for the selected date range.

Check-ins- The guests who have visited for a stay first check-in while they enter and get the formalities done at the hotel reception desk.
Hence this tab shows the check-ins of a particular date range.

Checkout- The guests who make an exit from the hotel after a stay complete the checkout formalities. Hence this tab shows the checkouts of a particular date range.

Online Rooms- The rooms which can be accessed remotely come under the head of online rooms since they can be given unlocking access remotely, having a gateway connection. This header has a count of the online rooms of the hotel.

Offline Rooms- The rooms which do not have remote access feature are considered to fall under the offline category. This header has a count of the offline rooms of the hotel.

Now allotting a room to somebody or completing the checkout formalities can be digitally done through this hotel management software in no time. These are the major features you can control from the web portal and manage your hotel tasks criteria in just few clicks, without much hustle bustle. With this, you get a track record of the employees allotted to various tasks for a particular period of time as well as know about the guests residing at your hotel.


We have our application namely “Safe’O’Buddy”. This is for the guests who stay in the hotel. We provide a digital locking system for accessing the room that offers multiple unlocking ways, allows you to keep a track record of when, by whom and for how long was the room accessed even in your absence through the access history online.You do not feel the urge to rush to the hotel administration department asking for help in case you fail to access the room through any means since you always have an option to choose another medium of unlocking the door.

  • Managing the lock, you can, you now don’t require a key but just this Safe’O’Buddy application to access your room. Yes, it’s that easy!
  • It allows you to have a smart control and convenience throughout your stay without creating any communication barrier.
  • From check-in to check out, to managing your room access, it can all be done in a fraction of seconds with this hotel management application.
  • You have multiple accessing modes i.e. via passcode, via Bluetooth connectivity with the application, as well as the RF card associated with it.
  • You can also avail another feature of unlocking the room that is remote access. This can be availed by getting a gateway connected room which allows you to have access to your room for so and so reason even if you are at a distant place.
Managing everything manually isn’t an easy task. The technology has evolved so much in today’s era that anything and everything can now be digitalized and brought about to its best version which brings ease and convenience along with it. This proficient hotel management software allows you to manage all the operations of the hotel knowing all at once from this platform be it allotting specific tasks to the employees or knowing about the current status of the guests staying in your hotel.

With the advancement in source of operation, you get client retention with a satisfactory stay without any hustle bustle faced in the course of their stay. Hence this gives you and your hotel a good image to beportrayed; setting it apart from the hotels behind the bars of technology and digitalization.

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