A doorbell that captures the video as well! Doesn’t this sound really great…? It not only enhances security to a considerable level but also fulfils all the desires of an individual which he or she might definitely expect out of a smart product.

Before spending much on the any of these smart gadgets. One such delineation of ours is the smart video doorbell.

Almost each one of us has a doorbell on the main door of the house or say towards the entrance. A doorbell is basically used to indicate somebody’s presence at the door; be it some of our relatives or a food delivery guy or a postman or anybody such who wants to have access to your place.

Each time the bell rings, we tend to go out to check who is at the door. Another matter of concern arises in case you have to go out for work or job or any such reason and leave your children at home.

Another scenario is when someone tends to attempt a wrongdoing or a misdeed which may lead to undergo a minor or even a major loss of valuable belongings or anything that isn’t acceptable.

Can you think of a product that provides security to an optimum extent and takes all your worries away?

This scenario can be resolved by resisting the use of ordinary products alike just a door bell and get hands on the advance gadgets such as this smart video doorbell.


As the name suggests, this is a doorbell that captures the video as well. A doorbell isn’t just enough to give your abode the required security in all terms. This functions as like a door bell as well as it acts as a camera outside your home, which triggers high end security.

This is a door bell based on digital and highly advanced technology. Not just securing your abode, it also acts as a custodian of your house.

It’s the era of high-tech security, and it's high time for people to opt for a better version of security systems instead of the traditional one.

Kiasa is revolutionizing the security arena by providing smart video doorbells for houses that provide the client access to see the visitors at the door irrespective of his or her location using your smartphone.

This product facilitates numerous exemplary features, such as long-distance signal transmission that removes the need to physically open the door frequently in order to find out who is at the door.

This advanced security system has a wireless installation process, and it also offers a multi-user functionality at the same time. Hence, the Kiasa team guarantees to be the best choice for making life easier and safer simultaneously.

Consider the following circumstances in order to understand better why this smart video doorbell is a must go with option to attain security.

In case you are out for a vacation; or you are out for work; or just hanging out for a while; or you have to keep a track record of whosoever is coming to your place or you aren’t available at home for so and so reason and a parcel arrives at your place etc.

If all these instances are somehow familiar to you as well, give a shot to this high end product and feel safer than ever. This door bell works with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Furthermore, the characteristic features of this smart video doorbell are explained in brief.


  • It is completely wireless.
    This product is based on wireless installation, which makes it attractive. This makes it look elegant enough and adds to the décor of your home, right from the entrance.

  • It detects motion.
    This device comes with a motion detecting sensor, which determines all sort of gesture or say movement taking place outside the main door, where the door bell is fixed.

  • It facilitates two way communications.
    This iconic gadget facilitates two way communication which means that you can talk to the person at the door from anywhere.

  • It captures video recordings.
    This smart video doorbell comes with an additional benefit of capturing the video through the camera that comes along with it. Whenever somebody passes by, it records the video, which definitely lets you have a safer point of view for your abode.

  • You get instant visitor video call.
    When somebody rings your door bell, no matter wherever you are, you will get a notification on your mobile phone; and receive an instant video call of the visitor at the door. So even if you are home, you need not go out to check who is at the door.

  • It facilitates multiuser functionality.
    You can give access to all the member of the house of the institution where you deploy this smart video doorbell; i.e. it supports multiple users having access to it at the same point of time.

  • It facilitates real time monitoring.
    This means it supports real time monitoring over your mobile phone itself. You can manage to look after your place even when you are not available, being faraway for any reason.

  • It is waterproof.
    This advance product makes itself a perfect fit for the right security as even water cannot resist it from securing your abode, since its splash proof.

  • It requires low maintenance.
    It does require any sort of high maintenance since it simply works with a batter, which once charged can be used up to 4-6 months. When the battery is about to die, there is a low battery alarm that rings to indicate the same.

  • It keeps a record of accessing history.
    It keeps a track record of the accessing history i.e. who and when came to your place, you can easily keep a track of the same putting this door bell to use.

  • This video doorbell works with Wi-Fi connectivity.
    This video doorbell works with Wi-Fi connectivity, with a range of 2.4 GHz respectively thus making it the best alternative the serves the ultimate uses of a high end security solution for your abode.


This door bell just not caters to protect and secure your abode; it can be deployed wherever you want to attain high level of security to an extent where you can rely on this product as a custodian of an institution of yours or your own home or your workplace etc.

It can be deployed in the following areas-
1. Homes
2. Office
3. Commercial buildings
4. Villas
5. Apartments
6. Warehouse


-This video doorbell is proved to be a boon for those who belong to a working schedule.
In case you have to go for work, leaving your kids at home worrying about who comes home in your absence, putting to use this product resolves this concern since you can keep a check on this respectively.

- It can also be put to use in your workplace.
For this, if you want to keep tracks of who has been lingering around your workspace with or without an authorized access being allowed to them, it will all be in your knowledge thereafter since you always get notified if this scenario takes place.

- In a scenario where you tend to safeguard your house in case of any sort of thefts or burglaries to take place, this is an ideal solution in that case.
If anybody is roaming around your place unnecessarily, you always get notified since this door bell detects motion. You can keep a check remotely from the most handiest gadget that is your mobile phone.

- This helps you maintain a track record of who came to your place, at what hour of the day, etc.
You can keep a check on everybody who visits your place, be it your relatives, your friends, some delivery person, or your housemaids, etc.

- You no more have to go out to check who is at the door.
Whenever the bell rings, you get a notification on your phone for the same. Also you get an instant visitor video call right away as the bell rings so that you can see who is at the door.

- To avoid contact in person, with anybody who is a stranger to you, there is quite a distinct feature of having a word with them while he or she is standing right in front of your door. This makes it convenient enough for you to know why that person is there.
Especially in these hard times of Covid, maintaining a safe distance from strangers out there has been a mandatory practice of all times in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.

- Most video doorbells do not work round the clock. But with this one, there is no need to worry about this.
This smart video doorbell works round the clock, giving you peace of mind at all times. Since it captures the video as well, so even if you are asleep at night, this works with night vision support. It automatically switched to the night mode when it gets dark to impart security to its optimum level.

Sometimes very primary products bring about great changes in our lifestyle. This is why because we cannot be all pervasive as an individual neither can we keep a track of all the deeds happening around us and of course in our absence.

Similarly, this smart video doorbell works wonders in bringing forth security to a demanded extent. This door bell inculcates some of the major characteristic features i.e.

it acts as a medium of conversation with the person at the door alike a phone call as well as it comes with a pre-installed camera which imparts high end security to your abode.

Who shall not want to be the one amongst those to experience the advanced innovations which relentlessly makes life easier and worry free?

Serving most of what a device can is what this digital video doorbell functions with.

Therefore, it is a cost friendly yet a one-time investment to acquire this product once and feel worthy of choosing the best alternative for your safety.

Hence, the Kiasa team guarantees to be the best choice for making life easier and safer simultaneously.

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