Door security wouldn't be the driver's priority when moving goods through trailers from one place to another. However, this can result in a huge nightmare if there takes place.

Cargo theft can result in huge losses for you, primarily due to low-security levels and a lack of effective cargo trailer door locks.

Yes, it's necessary for drivers to be experienced, knowledgeable, and well-experienced to better cargo security.

But they are humans too, and they can't guarantee 100% that they will provide complete cargo security. Hence, door locksfor cargo trailersare necessary.

Cargo theft is an ever-increasing matter which is quite a matter of concern for businesses. It can incur huge costs. Thus, the best possible way to combat this issue is by implementing high theft preventive measures.

As the cargo trucks and trailers are being subjected to daily theft, such preventive measures as a cargo door lock security system are necessary.

Cargo theft can take place in two ways. First, it can be stealth of the entire trailer and the cargo. The second includes the breakage of the trailer for cargo theft. In both cases, it happens due to low-security levels of the cargo trailers.

Hence, it's necessary to find the best cargo door locks. Such locks can provide high-quality security to your cargo trailer and can even stop thieves from getting their hands in your cargo trailer.

What are cargo trailer door locks?

Trailers usually have soft metal or aluminium doors, making them easier to break into, creating ways for cargo thieves to take advantage of the opportunity.

Even the most experienced truck drivers can't stop such incidences. Hence comes the use of cargo trailer door locks.

Most trucking companies or businesses are looking for trailer door locks since such locks can prevent breakage or theft of cargo trailers.

The door locks come in distinct shapes and sizes. Different door locks have different features, and you should always decide on a cargo trailer door lock that contains your required features.

Let's get an insight into what features would be suitable for a perfect trailer door lock.

What are the general features of a cargo trailer door lock?

If you want to buy the best cargo trailer door lock for your vehicle, several factors must be considered. Each trailer door lock comes with a unique feature of its own. But you can check for specific general characteristics in a door lock.

If the trailer lock has such features along with its special features, then it would be a perfect match for your cargo trailer.

Some of the general features of a high-quality trailer door lock include:
  • Safety provider: The trailer door lock should have the capability to keep any intruders out of your cargo trailer and keep your belongings safe from any theft. It is the most vital and must-have feature for any door lock. Hence, first, make sure that the cargo trailer door lock that you are thinking of buying provides this feature or not.
  • Unmovable door latch: Before buying a trailer door lock, ensure that the lock can stop the door latch from moving when the doors are locked. Hence, there won't be any possibilities of theft if the door larch is unmovable.
  • Eliminates specific accesses: It means that the trailer door locks should be capable of removing access to the latch-keeper bolt heads and padlocks so that the thieves cannot try anything funny.
  • Strong metal: The door lock should have a strong metal to ensure that your lock itself can't be broken. Both the shackle and the lock body should be made of strong metal. If it's made of alloy steel, then that would do the work too. It can prevent any cutting or prying attacks by cargo thieves.
  • Picking resistance: These days, thieves don't go for lock pickings, but you wouldn't want to take any risks. Hence, you have to be prepared for everything. You should look for a cargo trailer door lock that comes with a picking resistance so that you are clear from the tension of theft in every possible way.
  • Sturdy internal components: Since the padlocks would be exposed to several elements, debris, and sustain stress due to the trailer's movement, there would be risks for the internal components of the vehicle. Hence you should ensure that the door locks that you pick come with sturdy internal components.

How can truck drivers realize when the cargo theft risk is the highest?

One of the terrifying nightmares of any truck driver would be cargo theft. They would want to protect their cargo trailer from such incidents in every possible way. What if we say that the drivers can do something about this matter?

It's pretty unbelievable, but there are undoubtedly some matters that can help solve such cargo theft issues. Several companies provide anti-theft strategy training for truck drivers, allowing the drivers to save the cargo trailer.

And with some best cargo theft prevention measures such as security tools like door locks, truck drivers can safeguard their cargo trailers effectively.

Drivers need to be aware of when their cargo trailer is at high risk of theft as it will help them prevent the same by taking preventive measures. Some of the tips that can help the drivers to realize when their cargo trailer is at high risk include:

  • Most cargo thieves plan their attacks on weekends. Hence, it's the most common time for cargo theft which the drivers can avoid if they take some measures.
  • When truck drivers park their trailers for 24 hours or a more extended time, cargo theft can be a risk. It's because the cargo thieves know their targets, and if the trailer gets parked for a more extended time, then the chances are that the cargo thieves will get enough time to break into the trailer locks easily.
  • The most necessary thing that can make the risk of cargo theft higher is the surroundings. The truckers should know the surroundings when they are traveling in the cargo trailer. Any carrier terminals or those with poor lighting are at high.

What do I look for in a Cargo Lock before buying it?

There are certain factors that you have to look into before buying cargo trailer door locks. Without ensuring these factors, you won't get a high-quality door lock for your cargo trailer.

You have to consider each factor before getting down to buy a cargo trailer door lock. It will give you some ideas of what you can look for and which door lock would suit you. Some of the things to consider in a cargo trailer door lock include:

● Lock construction:

The most crucial factor to look for in a cargo door lock is the construction of the lock. If the lock is made of inexpensive or low-quality materials, then it won't be a good fit for your cargo trailer as your trailer can get exposed to several theft risks.

Thus, ensure that you don't buy inexpensive locks made of low-quality materials. By spending more on locks, you can ensure that you won't incur heavy losses just because the lock wasn't good enough to protect your trailer.

● Rust Proof Lock:

A low-quality door lock doesn't come with rustproof capabilities, which again marks your trailer at high risks. It's because the rust can make your cargo trailer door lock useless, and then you will have to change them again. Moreover, it will pave the way for thieves to break into your trailer as rust makes it easier to break locks.

● The locking Mechanism:

If the cargo trailer door lock doesn't have a suitable locking mechanism, it can have high-security risks. The thieves will be able to easily pry or bash the lock with a hammer to break through it, and it will make your trailer unprotected. Thus, you can choose a door lock with robust ball bearings, adding a protected cargo trailer door.

● Installation and easily usable:

You have to know how to install the door locks on your trailers. Otherwise, it would all go to waste. Hence, you must read all the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes regarding the door locks installation.

To ensure that you won't have any problems in installing the door lock, you should always check out its instructions and customer reviews regarding the installation to know whether the door lock is easy to use or not.

Some of the best cargo trailer door locks

We can provide you with highly exceptional trailer door locks, which will be beneficial in safeguarding your cargo trailer against cargo thieves. The four main door locks for cargo that we can assist you with include:


One of the best door locks for the higher security of your cargo trailers is the safe O buddy lock which comes with advanced vehicle security features. You can now mitigate your loss effectively by saving your vehicle through this lock. Safe'O'Buddy can provide you with exceptional real-time alerts on:
  • Locations of the trailer
  • Any tampering that occurs with the cargo trailer
  • Any mounting or un-mounting events that may take place
  • historical reporting of the vehicle and more.

It will be invisible to the thieves since it's installed from the inside of the trailer. You can open this door lock remotely, and it's splash proof as well. It's made out of iron and a stainless steel lock rod which makes it impossible to break. You don't even need to charge it, and with a safe O buddy, you don't even have to worry about any theft activities since it's the perfect lock security for your tailor.


Another excellent door lock for your cargo trailer is the GPS padlock. It comes with advanced wireless communication and GPS technology used to create high security and heavy-duty intelligent locks. It comes with a built-in capacity battery convenient for you and provides all the necessary power for the lock operation. Moreover, its additional benefits include:
  • Communication through GSM is possible.
  • It comes with an in-built Bluetooth feature.
  • You can get accurate tracking information from it.
  • You can get to know about the lock status effectively through it.
  • It also provides real-time warning alerts.

The GPS padlock is visible from the outside and is a keyless lock. You can easily open it through Bluetooth, message, or RFID, which makes it more secure since if there are no keys, the thieves won't be able to steal them. It's easy and hassle-free to install, and it can even be detached. It comes with 5 meters of GPS accuracy, which means you can easily track it. Moreover, it is made of aluminium alloy and a 304 stainless steel lock rod, making it hard to break.


Another great cargo trailer door locks include the BLE lock, which provides high security by using cryptographic keys to unlock the door. It even lets you access all of the lock/unlock history records related to this lock. It also allows you to record the share/revoke history. Hence, you can now secure your cargo trailer door effectively through this door lock. Moreover, you can even access it from any application (Bluetooth).

It has outside visibility and doesn't need charging since it comes with an in-built charging feature. It's made out of aluminium, and you can install it quickly in just two minutes.


The fingerprint lock is also one of the best cargo trailer door locks. It comes with keyless unlocking options, which can add more convenience to your trailer's security options. Now, you'll be free from the trouble of forgotten key combinations or lost keys. All you require is a fingerprint to open the door lock, and the thieves won't be able to open it since they won't be able to get your fingerprints. The fingerprint lock comes with high sensitivity.


If you want the complete security of your cargo trailer from any theft, then you should go for the bestdoor locks for cargo trailers. This blog can help you learn about all the features and factors you should look for in a trailer door lock, along with some tips on how the truck driver can know the high risks of theft. Moreover, we have discussed 4 of the best cargo trailer door locks, which will greatly protect your cargo trailer through their effective and incredible features.

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