Guide to Maximize Your Cargo Trailer Security


Cargo trailer theft is a never-ending activity that thieves are going to perform no matter what. They find it to be the means to attain a high amount of money without much effort. It's quite a common act in the USA where cargo trailer theft occurs now and then.

This mostly takes place during holidays or times when people take time off from works. At these times, the cargo trailers become vulnerable to theft.

Do you know that you also have a hand in your cargo theft? Yes, you read that right! Your choices also matter when it comes to cargo theft.

If you don't apply suitable preventive measures for your cargo trailer security, it can become a welcoming invitation to the thieves.

Will you let the thieves take away your (now theirs) cargo trailer? If not, then you should try proper preventive measures for trailer security. After all, who would want to fall into the traps of thieves just so that they can take what's rightfully yours? It's a matter of concern that needs solutions.

You should know that you can prevent such mishaps by taking preventive measures for trailer security. Such steps or measures ensure that you can perform certain activities to keep the thieves away from your trailer or keep them from stealing anything.

Thus, to ensure that your trip from the beginning to the end stays theft-free, you can try some tips for cargo security that will remain by your side and help you prevent your cargo trailer theft.

This blog will show all the possible ways to maximize your trailer security. All such measures will add safety to your cargo trailer so that you can rest assured.

But before that, let's get to know what type of thieves are you likely to face during the journey of your cargo trailer.

Types of Cargo Trailers Thieves:

As per the previous cargo trailer thefts, we can notice mainly three types of common thieves. These types of thieves either go for the entire cargo trailer or the equipment present inside it.

Let's discuss the types of these thieves since having an idea about them will benefit you. You will get more ideas on the preventive measures for cargo trailer security if you know more about your enemies. Let's discuss the three types of cargo trailer thieves:

Opportunistic Thieves:

The opportunistic thieves are those thieves that are on the lookout for opportunities to steal cargo trailers. As their name suggests, they want a chance to earn money. Hence, they may not have proper planning or preparation to steal your cargo trailer or its equipment. Whenever they get a chance to steal, they will go for it.

Mostly, they use sledgehammers and crowbars. Now, if you use the correct equipment or items for your cargo trailer security, such as those that can withstand pounding and prying, then you can easily bypass these thieves without facing any losses.

Career Thieves:

Career thieves are those who go for cargo theft as their full-time work. They know cargo trailers and their equipment and how to steal the same. They don't steal cargo trailers when they have the opportunity. Instead, they grab the opportunity through research on your cargo trailer details. They are aware of everything- What will they steal? How will they steal? And whom will they sell it to?

Such activities make them one of the most challenging thieves that you may come across. Since they are good at planning, it's less likely that you will get the slightest hint of trailer theft until it takes place.

Internal Thieves:

Who said that only external thefts could occur to your cargo trailers? Sometimes, former employees can also be the thieves who are also known as internal thieves. They may perform theft activities to steal your cargo trailer or equipment since it will be more accessible for them.

Since they are past workers, they would have access to all the security codes, passwords, and other confidential information, making their stealing task easier. Hence, they are a severe threat to your trailer security since they have all the information, and you should beware of them.

Basic Measures to Ensure Cargo Trailer Security

As per the current situation, cargo thefts are increasing day by day. You can't tell the thieves to stop doing what they do.

However, you can stop them from stealing your cargo trailer by adopting some preventive measures for trailer security. Some of the essential tips for trailer security include:

The parking area:

When you park your cargo trailer somewhere, you won't be there all the time to look after, which may make it vulnerable to thefts. What you can do is park it at a place where there will be fewer risks of cargo trailer theft. What would be those areas?

You would wonder where to park your trailer to ensure it's safe- high visibility or hidden area? You would most likely notice cargo theft from a hidden place (like- the woods) since thieves find it easy to steal from there as no one would notice anything. Thus, you should park your cargo trailer at a place that will be visible to you or contains high traffic.

Proper locking:

You can double-check everything before you move on for the journey with your cargo trailer or leave it to rest somewhere. First, you have to verify all the locks.

There are locks present at several places in a cargo trailer and to ensure total cargo trailer security, you have to double-check the locks at all these places to ensure that it's well-locked. Even your single mistake can lead to heavy losses of your cargo theft; thus, stay cautious.

Adding visuals:

Adding visuals that make the cargo trailer identifiable is a good initiative towards cargo trailer security. Thieves usually go for those trailers that have a common look. It's because common trailers will take more time for the police to find once the thieves steal them. In certain cases, the police won't even see them.

However, if your trailer contains identifiable visuals that the thieves can't remove or hide, they will think twice before stealing. It can increase their chance of getting caught.

Adding visuals include:
  • Adding graphics at your trailer's side
  • Marking your trailer with distinctive letters
  • Adding numbers at several places on your trailer
  • Pointing/putting decals at the trailer's top

Secure hitch:

The hitch of a cargo trailer also needs adequate security. If you have a proper lock system on the hitch, the thieves won't separate your trailer from the truck. You can add a receiver lock and a lock at the hitch coupler to make it secure.

Efficient Maintenance:

Efficient maintenance of your cargo trailer also plays a crucial role in your trailer security. Without proper maintenance, you could get stranded in the middle of the road with an increased risk of theft.

You have to ensure proper maintenance of your cargo vehicle, including the tire pressure, its conditions, and even the maintenance wheel bearings.

Keeping an eye: No matter where you put your cargo trailer or how safe your cargo vehicle's area or security is, you should never underestimate thieves. They always come with a plan B.
Thus, you should look out for your cargo trailer. You can add a CCTV camera to where your truck is parked and keep glancing at the view between the other things you do. If you do that, then you will know if something suspicious happens.

Lock Systems to Ensure Cargo Trailer Security After thebasic preventive measures for the trailer, security comes advanced security. In a cargo trailer, you should add locks that can protect it effectively. Choosing the perfect lock for your vehicle is a crucial task that you should perform with proper focus.

It's a matter of your trailer's security. First, check what you are adding to the budget for your cargo security lock? Is it too cheap? If yes, then that's probably a bad idea.

Too cheap locks won't last long. If you could pay for the trailer and its equipment, why are you going with a cheap lock? It's the part that protects your trailer, and it should have good quality and resistance against theft which will be costly. Hence, ensure that you buy a good lock even if it costs you more. You will incur much more loss than that if your trailer gets stolen just because your lock wasn't strong enough.

  • Our reliable and sturdy locks can be easily installed at several parts of your cargo trailer to ensure its safety. One of the best trailer security locks we offer is the Safe'O'Buddy lock, perfectly solving cargo thefts.
  • You can also add padlocks to your cargo trailer as a preventive measure for trailer security. A reliable padlock can make it difficult for thieves to implement any of their evil plans. You can try out our GPS padlock that comes with exceptional GPS technology, which will be perfect for your cargo trailer security.
  • You can also get yourself a wheel lock if you take extra preventive measures for your trailer. It will make it impossible for thieves to drive away with the truck even if they get their hands on the truck.
  • You can also add hitch locks and coupler locks so that the thieves won't be able to take your trailer.

Anti-theft protection for Cargo Trailer Security

You can also add proper anti-theft protection for the security of your cargo trailer. It makes it hassle-free for you to keep your cargo safe without any hassle. Thus, apart from the common tips for trailer security, you should also put some expense into its anti-theft protection.

With our anti-theft protection products like the Safe'O'Buddy security lock, GPSA padlock, BLE lock, or fingerprint lock, you can add extra protection to your cargo trailers.

All these security systems can help you to:
  • Locate your trailer: These security locks can help you locate your cargo trailers effectively anytime, anywhere. It helps to monitor where your trailer is going when it's reaching the destination and all. You can even get to know if someone is taking your trailer somewhere suspicious.
  • Notification alerts: If you add anti-theft protection systems to your cargo trailer, these systems will allow you to get real-time notifications and updates on the status of your cargo trailer. If someone tries to open the lock without your permission, then you will get alerts as well.
  • Safety of vehicles: These anti-theft protection systems are of high quality and are made of strong metals that make them hard to break. Hence, the thieves won't be able to pound or pry on the lock. Even if they do, you will get instant alerts.
  • Tracking information: You can attain all the tracking information regarding your cargo trailer with the help of these locks that provide anti-theft security. With the latest GPS technology, you can track the vehicle effortlessly. It even makes communicating with the driver more accessible.


You might get nightmares regarding cargo theft, but you don't have to go through that fear and stress. You can take the assistance of special locks and anti-theft protection systems.

These locks can ensure that the thieves cannot open up the trailer. Moreover, there are some tips as well that can ensure trailer security.

Moreover, if you comply with the measures or preventives for trailer security, you will be less likely to come across any cargo theft.

You should ensure parking the adequate parking of your trailer, add an identifiable mark to your trailer, add security locks, alarm systems, and anti-theft protection to ensure the entire safety of your cargo trailer.

If you comply with all the safety measures for trailer security and add locks in your trailer, you will less likely incur any losses due to cargo theft. Hence, ensure your cargo security now with the tips mentioned above for cargo trailer security.

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