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Container Security Solutions

A smart container vehicle security device once installed comes in action to protect the Container and goods while the container vehicle is in transit.

Real-time alerts on location, tampering, mounting and unmounting events, historical reporting and much more.

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Safeobuddy Lock

we offer a wide product range of intelligent locks in meeting the operational needs of the transportation, logistics, oil, security industry, private organizations, and government departments. We successfully combine realizable mechanical lock, GPS and advance wireless communication technology to provide the heavy-duty and high-security intelligent locks. Each intelligent lock can communicate through GSM, Bluetooth, FID, NFC and a feature-rich user-friendly web platform, sending you accurate tracking information, lock status and real-time warning alerts according to your predefined events.

Safe’O’Buddy Lock

Safe’O’Buddy lock is a container vehicle security lock which helps in mitigating losses due to theft or unforeseen circumstances while the container vehicle is in transit. Real-time alerts on location, tampering, mounting and unmounting events, historical reporting and much more.

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Safeobuddy Lock

GPS Pad Lock

GPS and advance wireless communication technology to make heavy-duty and high-security intelligent locks. It has a built-in high capacity battery providing the necessary power for the lock operation. Communicate through GSM, Bluetooth, RFID, sending you accurate tracking information, lock status, and real-time warning alerts.

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GPS Pad Lock

BLE Lock

These smart locks are highly secure since they use cryptographic keys to unlock the lock. You can also access all the records of lock/unlock the history and also access the share/revoke history. This can help you maintain your security better. You can access it through an app (Bluetooth).

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BLE Lock
Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock

Keyless convenience helps you get rid of worrying about lost keys or forgotten combinations. High sensitivity capacitive fingerprint sensor, open in one-touch. IP65 Waterproof grade allows outdoor applications. The padlock can add up to 10 groups of fingerprints. Suitable for House Door, Backpack, Suitcase, Warehouse, Bike, Cabinet.

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Reduction in pilferage during transportation
Reduction in overall pilferage
Companies served across industries
Devices installed trucks, trailers, refrigerated assets, etc.

Enhance cargo

Our product will help in improved cargo security through regular communication of critical sensors, systems, and telemetry data. You can track the transportation of dangerous goods and receive warnings of hazardous situations from anywhere.

Help prevent cargo theft and enable recovery

Our container security system monitors container doors to help detect theft and enhance cargo security from origin to destination. You can track stolen vehicles using GPS location information available with our unique container security system.

Reduce risk and cost and increase profitability

This makes the entire system transparent and leaves no space for mismanagement and losses. It reduces risk and improves the bottom with rugged devices to help prevent intrusion and detect tamper notification, position/motion reporting. Improving fleet utilization, Optimize operating efficiency.

Where to deploy Locks

Shipping Containers

CARGO CONTAINER TRACKINGMonitors transported goods and ensure these good were not tampered with or replace while en-route or during inspection.


LOGISTIC TRACKING AND MONITORINGTracking your cargo throughout its transport cycle, letting you know where cargo is. Alerting you when it's opened, locked or tempered.


WAREHOUSE MONITORING Lock will report its status as scheduled, open, close and tempered. You can report open it for authorized people to access in the house.


PETROL-CHEMICAL INDUSTRYReal-time location tracking of road trackers to closely monitor the “open or close” status of the API valve.

High Security Area

HIGH-SECURITY AREAS Used in harsh weather conditions. To save time, money and manpower through effective protection and wireless tracking.

Cash Van

SECURITY COMPANIES Security companies need constant monitoring of their customer's assets anywhere and anytime.

Container security tools is the way toward carrying out security devices and approaches to guarantee that all in your holder is running as expected, including assurance of framework, programming store network, runtime, and everything between.

The way toward getting compartments is constant. It ought to be coordinated into your advancement interaction, mechanized to eliminate the quantity of manual touch focuses, and stretched out into the support and activity of the basic foundation.

This implies ensuring your construct pipeline holder pictures and runtime host, stage, and application layers. Executing security as a feature of the constant conveyance life cycle implies your business will relieve hazard and lessen weaknesses across a consistently developing assault surface.

Transport specialists face various wrong doing and security challenges identifying with the frameworks under their purview. These incorporate robbery of merchandise and vehicles, assaults on transporters, unlawful migration, transport of risky products and medication and stash carrying.

Notwithstanding these wrong doing related difficulties, specialists should stay watchful to conceivable psychological oppressor use or focusing of transport vehicles and foundation.

Among these numerous dangers, be that as it may, one specifically has reliably been referred to as being amazingly significant and requiring a co-ordinated worldwide reaction – this danger is the conceivable Abuse by psychological militants of the sea dispatching compartment transport framework.

The omnipresence of these holders was, is still, seen as the framework's standard strength and indication of progress. Notwithstanding, after the September eleventh assaults on the United States, numerous nations figured it out That they had somewhat little command over conceivable abuse of the framework by fear mongers.

Specifically, the danger of a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Weapon (CBRN) being conveyed by means of an unknown steel trailer has transcended other fear based oppressor connected dangers to containerized transport and has become a foremost driver of worldwide vehicle security strategy since 2001.

This straight forwardly affects Transport specialists, as they are accused of guaranteeing the productive progression of merchandise while simultaneously guaranteeing that the pieces of the holder transport chain under their Locale are just about as secure as could be expected by our container security tools.

Advantages of Container Security Tools:

The first benefit lies in quite a while simple establishment.

These container security tools are a hero. Not exclusively will you track your own vehicle, yet additionally discover your direction back home, in the event that you forget about the way.

They're by and large veiled with waterproof housings. Henceforth, in occasions such as outrageous downpour and water sprinkles, you can in any case ride effortless through.

Assuming you're putting resources into a decent quality holder truck, it's anything but a need to likewise put resources into a GPS tracker lock, in case you ought to lose your compartment truck to burglary. The benefits referenced above are a reasonable gathering of why you ought to put resources into such gadgets.

Key security of trailer lock is a vital piece of your business when it depends on permitting your clients and representatives to utilize enormous, important resources.

Inappropriate support of your keys will unavoidably bring about loss of time and income. That is a tragic assertion considering there are successful and solid techniques and devices accessible to make trailer lock key administration simpler than at any other time.

It empowers the administrators to continue to follow their holders when there is no consistent force source ceaselessly. It additionally gives full control to custom authorities as it moves along the inventory network course from source to the objective.

Administrators can follow their compartments and get cautions on the tweaked programming stage.

For encased trailers, you need to stress over more than somebody taking the whole trailer. What you are putting away inside could be altogether more important, and in the event that you don't have the right sort of trailer lock for your entryway, cheats can focus on the substance of your trailer as opposed to the entire trailer.

While you are searching for the best trailer security, make certain to make the interest in a quality trailer lock. You can amplify your trailer and load security with Kiasa Intelligent Lock Tracker arrangement.

Move to the Smart & Secure Transportation

All of that is made possible through a combination of smart devices, sensors, and powerful software.

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All of that is made possible through a combination of smart devices, sensors, and powerful software. Write to us