Modern Hotel Door Locks

Modern Hotel Door Locks

Modern Hotel Door Locks

Hotel doors are the first thing visitors see when they enter their room and are frequently the last thing they see when they depart. But as a hotel owner or manager, you may suffer significantly with the security, usability, guest experience, and dependability of hotel room locks, especially if you are not on site.

However, replacing the locks in your hotel room is a daunting task and requires a substantial cost and is done only when the prior locking system becomes outdated, so it's crucial to get it right. Choosing the best lock, gadget, or new system for your hotel might be difficult because there are so many options available. At Safe’O’ Buddy, we specialize in making sure that all of your systems are highly connected, current, usable, and effective for you. This includes your hotel door safety locks as well.

Modern Hotel Door Locks, often known as electric, are a common alternative in hotels today. They can be opened via a fingerprint, chip card, PIN, or app. The use of Electronic Hotel locking systems in the hotel industry is growing in popularity.

One of the main advantages of modern hotel door Lock systems is their ease of use. The best option is – when guests access the room with one tap using the Safe’O’Buddy modern hotel door locks.

Let’s dive deeper into the types of hotel guest room locks and keys:

Before selecting a certain type of lock, many factors need to be taken into account. Stay focused and aware, for instance, that some of the hotel guest room locks require a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection to work. This kind of technology helps you to operate from anywhere!

There are many options available today, which might be perplexing. But in order to make your decision easier, we have gathered pertinent data on the solutions that are now most in demand in the hotel business. We shall concentrate on the general characteristics of various locking systems in addition to modern hotel door locks before disclosing the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

They can be divided into three groups initially: mechanical, mechatronic, and electronic (digital).

Mechanical door locks

This kind of locking system is among the most basic. These locks can feature a variety of lock cylinder mechanisms, such as those with a spanner or reversible keys. They are inexpensive because there is a wide range of suggested pricing, and installation is simple. They are less practical for the elderly and the disabled, and they are easily picked up. As a result, the hotel sector no longer uses the reliable old key.

  • Cheaper Price
  • Hassle-free Installation
  • Several alternatives are available to match the style of your hotel
  • Ease-of-use
  • Keys can be stolen or duplicated.
  • Potential for lock-picking
  • No additional features other than locking and unlocking
  • chance to increase the value of your hotel
  • Inconvenience for those who are aged or disabled

Mechatronic locking systems

Mechanical and electronic parts are combined in these locking systems. The locking cylinders along with programmable keys, unique programming devices, administration software, etc. are important components of this system.

The best features of traditional and digital locks are combined in this type, adding to the building's security. There is no need for intricate wiring installation with this kind of locking system. Each lock contains a battery, which can be readily changed and has a lifespan of around a year. It is possible to get the most recent information regarding access to the building or room where the lock is situated if the locking system has a Bluetooth connection.

  • Greater flexibility compared to Mechanical solutions
  • Easily adjustable entrance permission settings
  • Quick installation with the possibility of additional retrofitting
  • Permits lock access for a defined period
  • An option to remove stolen or lost keys from the system
  • Event Log keeping feature
  • If required, there is a chance to programme the replacement keys
  • Higher installation and maintenance expenses compared to conventional locks

Electronic (or digital) locking systems

Modern Hotel Door Locks are the most innovative options available in the market. This type of locking system requires electricity to function.A stable source of energy is required, and for that cable must be installed. Modern Hotel Door Locks are efficient and offer a variety of features and functions. For instance, you may programme the door to automatically lock and unlock at a certain time. You can even also use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your smartphone to open the door!

Let’s understand the different types of electronic locks (Modern Hotel Door Locks) available in the market:

The RFID locking system

RFID, or radio frequency identification, communicates data stored on a card to open the lock via radio waves. One advantage of this approach is that there is no need to enter the card into the lock, which reduces wear and tear.

RFID cards can be programmed with precise data to grant access to only specific hotel areas for a limited amount of time. When the guests' reservation expires, access is automatically terminated, even if they still possess the card.

A major drawback of this locking system is frequent card purchasing to restock the supply as many visitors depart without returning their keycard. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, they are not susceptible to wear and tear from repeated use. Safe’O’Buddy provides biodegradable RFID cards for your hotel in order to lessen trash and safeguard the environment!

  • Complete control of the door
  • Ability to customize the key for each visitor
  • Advantageous for disabled people with physical limitations
  • Low potential for hacking
  • Costly compared to an ordinary lock
  • Power failure can be a problem for an RFID lock

IC Chip Cards

Within the previous ten years, embedded chips were added to credit and debit cards. For their programmability and ease of use, hotel systems have also started employing these systems.

Wear and tear and consumer theft might decrease the number of cards in stock, necessitating constant repurchasing.However, the locks have a better shelf-life than magnetic card readers.

  • Convenient for users
  • An opportunity to pass the card on
  • Easy reprogramming
  • The card can be lost


A relatively recent idea is the locking mechanism controlled by a smartphone app. Users can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to access the apartment or room. There are several benefits attached to it! For instance, you might significantly improve the customer experience by integrating the Mobile Check-In option with smartphone door opening.Your visitors will benefit from the time savings and will be able to skip the line at the front desk. It is simple to integrate these locks with your existing property management systems. The only negative is that visitors must constantly keep their smartphones charged and with them.

  • Quick Check-In potential
  • Integration of PMS
  • Simple door opening using a mobile device
  • Different app functions
  • Multi-user access
  • Wireless connectivity is required
  • Additionally, having a smartphone with a charged battery is essential

Lock with PIN

Pin code systems have number pads integrated on the lock to enter a pin code. Depending on your needs, these systems can nevertheless be useful despite having less flexibility than card systems. Typically, they are not appropriate for guest rooms.

For staff access or limiting access to amenities like a conference room or pool, pin code style locks are appropriate. Numerous solutions allow for the use of numerous codes to accommodate various situations, such as time-limited access or other features.

  • Easily pass the PIN to any other member
  • Multi-user access
  • Possibility to use several PINs
  • Splash-proof keypads
  • Low level of vulnerability
  • Unauthorized individuals may obtain the code and gain access to the building.

Installing modern hotel door locks at a hotel

If your hotel has a maintenance crew, your workers will handle this job without any problems. With the proper equipment and clear installation instructions provided with each lockset, practically anyone can install it.

Since modern hotel door locks are powered by batteries, you won't often need to wire each door. The fundamental procedures are essentially the same as for installing a traditional lock.

Step 1: Take out the old lockset.
Step 2: Install the new keyless system as directed by the manufacturer.
Step 3: Fit in the outside pieces of the lock, such as the strike plates and the door handle.
Step 4: Enter the passcode on the keypad.
Step 5: Configure the app and set the lock to permit smartphone controls.

The specifics of installation are always dependent on the kind and model of the lock, and they are only general guidelines. However, keep in mind that selecting retrofit modern hotel door locks would be the simplest option to upgrade your door. You do not have to completely replace your current lock system.

Maintenance of keyless modern hotel door locks

The guidelines for maintaining modern hotel door locks are rather straight forward. Here is what to do if you want your electronic hotel locks to last you a long time:
  • Regularly check the battery's condition. If necessary, replace or recharge the batteries.
  • Wipe the locks with a gentle cloth to remove any debris or dust.
  • Keep unexpected door slams to a minimum, and refrain from using excessive force.
  • Invest in the proper cleaning supplies for your appliances.
  • Keep an eye on the overall door condition and quickly address any problems.

Do Modern Hotel Door Locks work when the power is out?
Each hotel has a unique system that functions differently. However, the majority of locks are battery-operated, which implies they have a self-sufficient power source. The locks and keys will continue to function in this manner even if the hotel's lights go out. These batteries have a long lifespan, and as long as you replace them on time, you won't experience any issues.

Additionally, electronic hotel locks include a long-lasting internal backup battery. It gives the lock more strength so you can lock or unlock it after entering the code.

Choosing the best course of action
We've given you a brief overview of mechanical, mechatronic, and electronic locks, and you might be thinking about one of the solutions we offered. However, many hoteliers are using modern hotel door locks today. They are dependable, attractive, and useful. They make it possible for your guests to have a flawlessly linked digital journey when combined with self-service choices.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that every locking system has its own drawbacks and characteristics before making a decision. Before investing in a specific form of lock, take into account variables such as the type of credentials, the type of card, the type of access, and the type of entrance control.

1. What credentials do you use—key cards or numerical codes?
Are key cards or numeric codes preferable? Well, utilizing numerical codes for each door can result in a number of issues, like the requirement to routinely replace them after each stay. Additionally, visitors frequently misplace the code they were given. During their stay, visitors can use and then return hotel Key cards as per their requirements. Changing the codes every time a customer checks out is preferable.

2. Which key card type should I use: RFID, magnetic, or smart?
Finding it difficult to choose between magnetic cards, smart cards, and RFID cards? RFID cards are the most accepted among these choices. The high-frequency variant of smart cards has substantially more storage space.

3. Access Control Method
Take into account your access needs. For instance, cloud-based systems authorize you to make changes to your access settings from any location. Hotel owners that manage their establishments remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak must have access to this option.

4. The type of entry control
Finally, proper attention is required to maintain the entry control when selecting an appropriate solution. As was already noted, in the event of a power outage, some lock types might not work. To avoid major inconveniences during your hotel’s workflow, take into consideration these characteristics in the locking system´s description:

  • Fail-safe - The system opens the door when there is a power cut.
  • Fail-secure - The system opens the door when the power is applied.
Our overview of the modern hotel door locks systems will be helpful to you in making a decision.It will be easier for you to manage room access with modern hotel door locks while also significantly improving the visitor experience and increasing the value of your rooms. By giving guests the option of self-service, you may also benefit your staff members by relieving some of their workloads. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with the Safe’O’Buddy team and utilize our expert consulting to install modern hotel door lock systems at your premises.

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