Shipping Container Lock

Shipping Container Lock

Shipping Container Lock - Why Crucial For Cargo Security

As soon as the shipping business started growing and containers came into existence, the necessity to secure them also arrived as an unavoidable guest.

The mother of all inventions is necessary, and the shipping container lock were invented and made a drastic change in the shipping industry. There is a wide range of locks for various types of shipping containers.

For decades shipping containers have been used as premium storage solutions. Generally, they are made of corrugated steel or aluminum; they are very strong, durable, sturdy, and potent. These enormous steel boxes are air and watertight and easily manageable. People are coming up with new ideas like using them as home or office.

The export-import and freight business require the security of their shipments and cargo. The containers are pretty secure, but since thieves keep inventing new ways to steal in this hi-tech era, the requirements of additional security.

The one sturdy door proved to be not capable enough to stop thieves and burglars from burgling the cargo units to steal the valuable items. Also, when people use containers to modify them into their home or office, windows and doors are unavoidable to install, making it easier for the bad guys to get in and steal or damage the valuables.

Before starting the list, let's know how one can break into a container.

Shipping container security is very crucial. If you don't adopt certain measures for it, then you will face huge complexities. Even though the containers are super strong, one could crack it open with some tools and a little knowledge. Such intruders and thieves have incredible knowledge on how to pry or steal the contents of a shipping container. They can do this by doing these top three methods:

Brute force and a pry bar: No secondary-lock container can be opened using a pry bar, and your valuables will disappear.

Lock picking tools: Various tools are available in the market and online that can break or open most locks.

Bolt cutters: Bolt cutters can be very easy and fast to break into a container. Bolt cutters are used to cut the metal near the ventilation arrangement of the container.

To stop this, you can secure it by using a shipping container lock as they come in different types. This article will help to know about them.

Shipping Container Lock Types

So what type of container locks are available to use are listed below.

Container Padlocks

Padlocks are essential locks and are very easy to use in a shipping unit with a lockbox. Crafted from high-quality steel, U-shape with a high-security cylinder, they come in different qualities. A "shutter" or "smart" padlock is the best option to choose. But sadly, they are the easiest to "cut" with bolt cutters or anything like that. So always try to use the most substantial padlocks made of steel and use a secondary security tool.

Hidden shackle padlocks

This type of padlock requires some welding work to be installed. It contains steel balls within the shackle and the body. It does not surrender to tools like bolt cutters or lock picks etc. It is the best padlock to choose from if you keep your container in a place with unreliable security.

Crossbar Locks

If you need to add an extra layer of security, then use crossbar locks, which are effortless to install. They are crafted from tubular steel. Since this type of lock covers the door's handle, which keeps the lock steady and in place, tampering with the door is impossible.

When you need a shipping container lock, a crossbar lock can be your ultimate life-saving tool. Since they are interior security locks, crossbar locks are used to lock shipping container main doors. It is used inside of the door where the lockbox and padlocks are placed.

When installed, a crossbar lock will not allow someone outside of the container to open the doors. This way, even James Bond has to think more than twice and bring some new gadgets to break open the container door.

Roll Door Lockboxes

Some containers have rolling doors, and since these doors are smooth to open and close. To secure them, you need roll door lock boxes. There are many varieties of this type of lockboxes available in the market to make them safe. The best option is the lockbox which is made to lock as soon as the doors close automatically. Another type of this lockbox comes with the hasps.

The rolling door shipping container lock or shipping container lock box helps you sleep tight if you own the container.

Truck Seals

Truck seals are similar to zip ties and are used to stop the container doors from opening all of a sudden. This type of lock comes in other models, like the one in two pieces, the bolt, and the lock.

This shipping container lock is the cheapest one to buy. The bolt, made of iron and steel, secures the door of the shipping container by snapping into the place.


As the name says, Lockboxes are solid and large boxes made from steel and used to cover padlocks and hidden shackle locks. It works on an effortless mechanism, and they fully secure the padlocks and thus the door of the shipping container. It is the best way to make a shipping container fully anti-theft and tamper-proof.

Not all the shipping containers come with the lockbox fitted. You can buy on and customize your shipping container in terms of security. Choose the one that suits your needs, be smart and buy the smart ones capable of fitting around your padlock, as it comes in different sizes.

Our Shipping Container Lock For Container Security

When it comes to container padlocks, you can try out the padlocks by us, which are made of strong metal and provide high security. We ensure that you don't have to deal with theft issues if you use such locks. Let's dive into it then:

  • SafeObuddy lock SafeObuddy is one of the best shipping container lock that you can try. It ensures high security and even mitigates losses that may occur due to theft. Hence, don't worry about your shipping container security anymore. Get real-time alerts and even track your shipping container with safeObuddy. SafeObuddy is the perfect solution to keep your shipping container safe and free from the clutches of thieves.

  • GPS Padlock: GPS can add extra protection to your shipping container. With our GPS padlock, you can even track your shipping container without any hassle. You can even get real-time warning alerts. It has a built-in high-capacity battery that provides adequate power for locking your container for a long time. What's more, you can even check the lock status with ease.

  • BLE Lock: Our smart locks can help you secure your shipping container by enabling cryptographic keys for unlocking the door. Hence, thieves would find it highly difficult to break into it.
    So, you can ensure better security of your container through this shipping container lock through Bluetooth.

  • Fingerprint lock: This lock is perfect since it doesn't have a key, and it opens with a fingerprint. So, no chance of thieves being able to open up this shipping container lock. It opens up in one touch, and you can install it easily on your shipping container with ease. You can add a total of 10 groups of fingerprints to it as well

How to Ensure Shipping Container Security?

Heavy Duty Locks

A heavy-duty lock is very crucial when you are supposed to choose a lock and secure something. Since a great lock has only one essential feature, it isn't easy to break. If a heavy-duty lock is not used and a regular lock is used, then your container is a cup of tea for the bad guys out there in case of no surveillance. A weather-resistant heavy-duty lock is the best option as it has to cope with the harsh weather for a very long time. Use more than one lock to give the bad guys some extra piece of work and headache.

Alarm System

To install an alarm system in your container is as good as for your home. Adding an extra layer of security to your container, you might get a chance to catch the thieves if god forbids a theft from happening. Also, there are visible alarm systems to buy, and you can stop anyone sneaking around. If the container is placed at a facility you own, installing an alarm system with motion sensors is always better. That utilizes motion sensors to detect criminal movement. Use a GSM alarm, they are designed for shipping containers, and it comes with a remote monitoring feature. There are also wireless, antenna-based, or battery-powered alarms; you can use the preferred one.


To keep an eye on your container, install security cameras for video surveillance no matter where it is placed. Having a video surveillance facility will not only minimize the chances of burglary, but you will more likely be able to catch your culprits by handing over the recording to the authority.

Perimeter Fencing

A physical obstacle is always a good idea to secure any facility, as it adds hurdles and difficulties in the way of the trespassers. There are elementary techniques to apply to safeguard your container. Put a fence around your storage container, especially the barbed one, to make it difficult for any unauthorized entrance. You can also use electricity on your fence to make it more secure. Ensure to have a talk with the local authority for required permissions and procedures, if any.

Security-Conscious Supplier

There is no specification about the containers as per security standards. Most of them are essential. But there are some containers, which are more secure than others. If by chance you can, then choose a newer container in better condition. Moreover, look for the suppliers, if you are into import, which is security-conscious.:

Insure your boxes

Get your containers and your valuables inside it insured. After all the applied security measurements, at least you can be repaid in case of any mishap.


So this comprehended a lot on Shipping Container Lock and going through different types of locks and steps, let's wind up and have a briefing on shipping containers lock and security measures.

After knowing how crucial it is to secure your container and how to do that, it is essential to consider some points. Before you install the lockbox, always ensure to check the size of the padlock. It will save you time and erase all the hustles. Also, you can force the bad guys to keep away by using more than one locking system.

Make it tough for the intruders to get in if you keep your security system more hidden and upgraded. The more visible locks are easy targets for burglars and thieves to access your facility and valuables. The latest surveillance systems are the most sophisticated way to shy away from the burglar.

Thermal and motion sensor equipped alarm systems are an excellent security investment as they satisfy your security purposes. As soon as someone intrudes, the alarm goes on, and the required actions can be taken. Additionally, you can hire a security expert to chase and hunt down the thieves.

Hence, a shipping container lock ensures the security of the shipping container and keeps unwanted guests away. Now whatever you are doing with your containers, shipping them, storing your valuables in those boxes, or making a home out of them, Make sure to install a security or more security locks to be tension-free.

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