Making things crystal clear is what glass does and making a glass door secure is what this smart glass door does!

Glass items for decent décor have always been considered to be the most conspicuous variants of the modern era.Majority of people end up choosing the products made up of glass since it not only enhances the décor of that particular area but also makes it an eye conic centre of that region.

One such attractive element is the glass door. Glass doors are usually what people look for in today’s generation when it comes to give an extraordinary look to a particular area of their abode that uplifts the overall outlook. Not just the abode, glass doors are more often used for commercial buildings that is offices, industrial buildings, even in the various educational institutions such as schools, colleges, institutes, etc. The overview of the premises gets an enhanced look with these glass doors being put to use. Though these do err on a bit exorbitant side but they do leave a premium outlook for the particular region.

Now a-days we all prefer door locks which are better than the ordinary i.e. digital and advanced locks. There are also smart glass door locks available. Who does not wants to attain security? We do secure our valuable belongings making use of some or the other alternatives such as various locking systems available that serve the best of what is required. Alike all other doors, glass doors do have locks for security purpose; in order to make sure that all our belongings are safer and secured well.


A glass door lock is simply a lock alike for all the other doors. It is specifically delineated keeping in mind the glass material of the door. The workplaces or say offices be it big or small, are set forth in such a way that grabs attention when designed making use of glass. Glass doors bring about a premium appearance of a particular area hence enhancing the look of the workplace.

Since everybody is today switching to the advanced locking system for high end security services being catered in return. This smart glass door lock avails you with the best security facilities since it is based on advanced and digital technology making it the smartest of all. This glass door lock is especially designed for providing top notch protection; anywhere required depending upon the consequences you come across. It has some artistic features to offer which sets it apart from the usual door locking systems found. It is based on Keyless technology, yes you heard it right. This smart glass door lock comes with more than just one unlocking techniques better than the ordinary security systems which are via a FOB, passcode and via Bluetooth connectivity using the Safe'O'Buddy application. It is a complete wireless solution that further gives your abode or your respective workplace a brilliant look; it allows you have access to it via the Safe'O'Buddy app; this lock comes with a USB port in of an emergency. This smart lock facilitates access to the unlocking history online which further enhances security to a great extent. This compact device does not require any sort of high maintenance. It offers hassle free installation which can be done in no time without bringing in use a bunch of wires, hence making it look sleek enough. The features of this tremendous lock are described in brief further.


A lock that supports all the features one wants to bring in use for making their lives easier and convenient is what this innovation is brought up with. Our ardent desires let us go for opting things which serve the most of it to fulfil our expectations out of it. Here is one such innovation which definitely attracts one to give a shot to it and experience the ease in operation. This digital glass door locks have to offer some of the most wanted features mentioned below-

  • It is a complete keyless solution.
    This is amongst the most attractive features of this glass door lock. This lets you experience have smart access to it without having ordinary keys to access it.

  • It offers wireless installation.
    This glass door lock does not bring about any such changes in the glass door. It is just fitted onto the edge of the door taking help of the manual and you are set to go.

  • It facilitates multiuser access.
    It allows multiple users to have access to it at the same time, simultaneously. Hence you can choose amongst who should have access to it depending upon your requirements.

  • It allows data access online.
    This smart glass door lock facilitates access to the unlatching history online so that you can keep a check that who accessed the lock and for how long was it accessed by them. This further increases security and safety to a considerable extent.

  • It offers multiple accessing modes.
    This glass door lock offers more than one ways to unlock and have access to it. This significantly means that it can be accessed either via Passcode, or via FOB or through Bluetooth connection i.e. via the Safe'O'Buddy app associated with it.

  • It comes with the auto-locking feature.
    If at all you forget to unlock the door at times, you need not worry now onwards since this lock offers an auto locking feature which means it gets locked automatically once you go in or out of the premises.

  • This also facilitates remote access.
    In case you are not present around, you can still give others access to the lock with this feature. If you do not want to give separate access to somebody, this can be the best alternative in that scenario. Hence now you have a smart glass door lock with smartest features.



Whether it is about offices or retails stores or educational institutions or homes, glass doors are a must have option for almost everybody who wants premium and clear surroundings around them.

Ever been in a situation where you always take along your keys whenever you step out, or forgot your keys at while leaving for work? If not this even, might have faced consequences where you misplaced your keys? Or got your keys stuck in the keyhole while trying to opening the lock, causing it to break or get it fixed wasting a lot time on the same?If all the scenarios mentioned above have ever been apart of your life, give a fling in making use of this smart glass door lock which eliminates such issues completely.

What if the glass has to be replaced and the lock over it has to be removed for the same process? Need not worry about it anymore! If at all this happens at some point of time, you can uninstall the lock in no time without bringing about any change in the glass and hence securing the lock. Since it is based on wireless installation, it doesn’t take much time for the uninstallation process. You can easily do that.

Taking it to a next level, what is the best thing about this lock? Want to know further? Keep reading the same. The best part about this lock is that it offers multiple users to have access at same point of time hence making it the smartest glass door lock amongst all the ordinary locks available in the market.

Operational methods of accessing it:

  • It can be accessed via Bluetooth connectivity through the Safe'O'Buddy application associated with.
    There is a unlocking icon over the app once you get to use the interface you can easily identify the same. Just press on the unlock icon and the lock gets unlocked within seconds.

  • Another mode of unlatching the lock is via Passcode.
    Passcode, as the name suggests is a numeric code which is required to enter on the keypad of the lock to have access to it. It can either be fixed or a timed passcode. In case of a fixed passcode, the passcode will remain constant throughout the time period of access granted. In case of timed passcode, the passcode will expire after a certain period of time as authorized. So that depends based on what your requirement is.

  • The third way out is via FOB.
    A FOB alike a RF card allows you to have access to a lock once added to it i.e. once the authorized access is granted. Alike the passcode, Fob can also be given access on timed and permanent basis. In case of permanent access, the card will be consistently valid through the period of using the lock. In case of timed access, the card will be valid for a given period of time only.
Not just this, in case you want to have access to it remotely, you can avail that feature as well with the help of a Gateway which is connected along with it and experience leisure of smart innovation with up to the minute features it comes with.

This compactly delineated device can be put to use wherever required, i.e. wherever you might feel the need to secure your belongings all the more.

In case of educational institutions like schools, colleges and institutes where the entry and exit is more often, these can be proved a boon making use of the permanent passcode access to the ones you want to give authorized access.

In case of hospitality industry, the similar scenario, like that of the educational institutions can be resolved with this smart glass door lock. Only authorized persons you want to give access to a particular space will now be able to make a move swiftly, making the premises even more secure.

With the help of this, you can keep a track record of all the employees and staff members allotted different shifts which furthermore enhances security to a next level.

If you talk about homes, in order to protect your house from any theft or burglary attempts taking place and give personalised access only to the authorised persons makes it more secure for you to have access to it and you always have the data stored for the access taken place. Hence smart glass door lock is considered to make life less stressful yet imparting utmost security.

When it comes to sleek-designed locks with all tech-driven features, Kiasa offers one of its best products. One such is the smart glass door lock. By providing top-notch protection to the space, Kiasa’s smart glass door lock has a sleek delineation that compliments the abode of the clients. Being an ideal security solution and a leader in the realm, this lock gets mounted on any glass door through the easy installation guide. What else would somebody expect from a lock which sets you apart from the ordinary lifestyle and gets you experience the leisure of smart and advanced technology with our smart glass door lock.

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