Is bearing the load of heavy bunch of keys, all the time you plan to go for a vacation or even while heading to your workplace, a burden for you too..? Or have you ever been in a situation of finding your misplaced keys..? Do you also have to worry about having made duplicate keys for your locks? Are these scenarios true for you too?

So why not fall in the present day category and upgrade to the latest technology? Why not to grab the best deal coming your way with our public storage lock?

In the era of modernity, each one of us thrives to sustain a level of making things way much better in a lot many ways such that things will turn out to be fruitful withadvancement in technology andoperational ease all at once.

We, at Kiasa International, aim to provide the best of our services with the most robust innovations of all times, delivering exemplary services to our clients. The fundamental of our every upcoming innovation is rectifying the most problematic area of the customers which is managing key and bring-forth keyless locks in all areas for utmost security.

Kiasa thrives to provide the right solution for right security in all sectors, be it commercial or the residential sector. Once we feel worthy of having something that serves maximum benefits, it never makes us regret for spending much more than what is asked for the ordinary ones.

Security is a very crucial part of our lives, in every aspect; so why not choose the best alternative for securing your business or the valuable belongings be it a public storage unit, a store, a warehouse or any such retail outlet. Here we have the smartest solution for each one these mentioned above, a very debonair lock. Let’s know more about what actually is this digital and smart public storage lock.


The most potent digital locks are prospective of withstanding all but the utmost vicious thrusts; hence imparting years of reliable services, regardless of being brought into excessive use. It is delineated in order to impart the optimum level of security, to secure your worthy and useful possessions; hence being the ideal choice for empowering your security requirements.

The burglars and pick lockers, as their name tag suggests are quite notorious about their deeds;hence they usually tend to stay steer clear of the limelight of public eye. Though deep down, we all know that they are well skilled in setting up alternatives to reach to their end goal. But all we have is to act smarter than them and lay out the right choice for our security needs.

Having a public store lock that is immensely smart and high-tech is the new attraction point for shop owners these days. They are relentlessly looking for a better safety system for their shops by comparing the current scenarios. Keeping this criterion in mind, this lock has been innovated in furtherance of catering the best services and security needs. Hence, the team has been come up with the best quality smart locks that assist shop owners in protecting their assets in a better and easy manner. One of the best features of this lock system is that it is truly keyless, which makes it the smartest amongst all present in the market. It also facilitates access to the unlocking history online for the client to keep a track record.


This smart public storage lock is a purely keyless lock unlike other locks hence making it the smartest of all those ordinary locks, which serves the utmost level of security than what is expected. It not just serves the benefits of an ideal lock, but also makes you completely rely on it, satisfying all your requirements which often tends to be the reason of your insecurities of unauthorized access taking place. It takes the role of a third eye for your worthy possessions, even if you aren’t available at that moment in time. You can have thorough knowledge about the lock being brought in use at what time or for how long by somebody you gave access to.

We assist shop owners or you may consider the retail outlets, public storage units, warehouses, public stores etc. in providing safety to their worthy possessionswith the help of this shutter lock.

This smart public storage lock not just gives an ease in operation but it also helps in getting things streamlined in the best possible manner fulfilling all what is asked for all your insecurities. By bringing our lock in use, you will be able to access the digital history records. This lock can be accessed only via cryptographic code which is a numeric 6 digit OTP for unlocking it, which can even be generated remotely via our Safe'O'Buddy App, hence setting you free of the resistance of coming at opening and closing times of stores in case of retail outlets and in case of the public storage units you can stay worry free of managing any sort of keys even if you go for a vacation; being assured of safety for all your valuable belongings. Furthermore making you go worry-less of managing a key does the most of it.

  • Hassle free installation–Since it is a wireless product, it can be easily mounted on the existing shutter in no time.
  • Its keyless- Unlike other locks, it’s truly keyless which is the best part about it.
  • It gives multi-user access- It facilitates multiple users to access at the same time, depending as per the requirement of the user.
  • Allows remote access– You can access the lock remotely, via generating the OTP from the application associated with it in case you need to give one time access of your lock to somebody.
  • Facilitates access to history online– It allows access to locking and unlocking history online i.e. detailed info of who so ever accessed the lock or for how long was it accessed etc.
  • Safer than ever- It brings forth optimum level of security than it could be with advance features.
  • Facilitates auto-locking- It comes with an auto locking feature which is a boon in case you forget to lock while you close it.You can bring it into use by turning on the auto locking feature from the application itself.
  • No network dependency- It is not dependent on the network since you just have to generate an OTP for unlocking it.


This public storage lock gives you top-notch protection with high end security to be the smartest amongst all those present in the vogue of having recourse to digital locks. It has a cryptographic unlocking feature which means it requires a numeric passcode to get unlocked.

For operating the digital public storage lock i.e. the unlocking process, the lock must be registered on the app associated with it, which is the Safe’O’Buddy app available on the Google play store or the Apple store as well, for generating the OTP to unlock.

Further describing in brief the operational feature of the Public Store Lock:

  • In case you yourself want to access the lock:-
    Press the * button on the keypad, a random 6-digit code appears on the screen. Punch that numeric code on the application to generate the OTP and once generated, enter the same on the keypad and press #. That’s it.

  • In case you want to give the OTP to your custodian to access the lock:-
    Ask the authorized person to press * on the keypad and tell you the numeric code appearing on the screen, and generate the OTP which is required to unlock. Inform the same to the associated user and press # to have access to it.

  • You can also opt for the auto-locking alternative, and set a fix time for auto-locking it to attain high security, so that it automatically gets locked as you close the shutter.

  • In case of an emergency where the battery goes dead, you still need not worry. There is an additional emergency unlocking method availed with this lock in such a case; which is via the USB port given on the edge of the keypad, connect it and it simply gets opened in no time. Later on you can change the battery and its done.

We aim at bringing forth the most robust innovations of all times with a vision to serve the long term benefits of our products to its prospective users who tend to rely on us for the best ever services we envision to impart throughout.

Using a compact device like no other, i.e. this smart public storage lock, this can also be termed as a shutter lock that can be used at shops, stores, warehouses as well, solves various issues an individual comes across.

There could be various reasons for change that one must take into consideration. This lock solves various problems faced by the people who use these public storage units for as a storage house, or the retail outlets who bring it into use than those ordinary locks.

    One of the most basic concerns was managing a key. We tend to forget keys here and there at times which results in a laid back scenario for accessing the locks. This problem is solved in case of our smart public storage lock. It is purely keyless and is accessed via your mobile phone itself.

    - Another matter of concern in case of Public Storage Units when you are not available nearby and some family member or a relative of yours wants to access the lock for some urgency nevertheless of the key; you can remotely give them the OTP and hence give access to the authorized person in your knowledge.

    - Another matter of concern in case of retail outlets like shops, stores or warehouses etc. is that you yourself don’t have to be the only one to open or close the lock. You can easily give the passcode generated to the custodian without giving the authorized access.

    - You can allow multiple users to access the lock at one point of time,depending on your requirement. You can accordingly give timed or permanent access to somebody depending on the circumstances you come across.

    Another major concern is unauthorized access taking place in your absence. Earlier, you were not aware of anything such that took place but with the help of ourdigital public storage lock, in case of any attempt of unauthorized access, you get unauthorized alerts respectively making you aware in prior.

    None of us can be keen and sufficient to look after each and everything free handed; this is what we aim bring about, to serve the best of our services with our innovative and proficient locks which not just helps you attain utmost security but also makes you rely on them for all your security needs without being in doubt in any case.

    Even after you know what can be the best solution for your security needs, are you still longing to be amongst the laid back category of using the traditional locks? Cross the bars of ordinary lifestyle and get hands on the smart, digital and advance technology in today’s scenario.

    Dispensing you with the idealchoice for all your security needs is what we strive for, hence safeguarding all types of entrance sources of your commercial or residential place that protect your valuable belongings, in and out.

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