Why to rely on the casual door locking systems when you have the latest technology around you making things even better and more streamlined than ever before…?
Making use of technology is a vital in today’s generation to be a part of this moving pace world.

This is important since it makes your livelihood much better than it was with the ordinary locks being brought into use.Why not get hands on this smart wooden door lock?

With a sheer commitment to stimulating a better, safe and secure society in India, Kiasa dipped its feet in the arena, and today it has appeared as a cut-throat competition for other organizations in the realm. With an all-around security system, the company gets remote security for numerous assets, including home belongings, business assets, etc., through its innovative and effortless lock system.

And through its foolproof locking system, every unauthorized access gets denied and inaccessible, which provides an immensely secured environment to the client. Furthermore elaborating in brief the urge to switch from the traditional locking systems, to the modern locking systems, this on top of that simplifies usage and imparts security to the optimum level.


Door locks are quite a common necessity we aid to, for our homes, for our commercial place, or for any such door where we require optimum level of security for us, our loved ones or our belongings. We ought to select the best alternatives when it comes to secure our lives or when it is all about securing our valuable belongings.

why not opt for this smart wooden door lock?. An individual cannot be all pervasive in order to keep a check on every aspect of his or her life thus for which we usually tend to rely upon the up to the minute technology which keeps on emerging itself to make our lives easier by bringing the advanced technology into use. By doing so, we can lay out a safer mode of securing our priceless treasures.

Door locking systems is mandatory for each one of us in contemplation of availing the top most security solutions. We cannot predict the unforeseen circumstances such as thefts or burglaries which have been very common these days. Only thing we can do is by choosing the best alternative to avoid encountering any such scenarios, which makes us aware of the consequences happening.

This smart wooden door lock can be installed on any wooden as well as a metallic door lock, without creating much hustle bustle. It facilitates n number of benefits that one expects to get in return, while he or she spends a sufficient amount for getting peace of mind and a stress free life. You get multiple unlocking means of accessing the lock, i.e via passcode, via FOB or the RF card associated with it, or via the most handy gadget of all times which is the mobile phone. It also facilitates access to the unlocking history online, which lets you know who accessed the lock, at what hour of the day etc. Only people you allow authorized access to the lock will be able to access it and any unauthorized access taking place notifies you about the same so that you can take proactive actions right away.

Aren’t the traits of this exclusive digital wooden door lock mentioned above prompt you to give it a try and experience the leisure with advanced technology?

Here are some scenarios being talked about further, which each one of us have might encountered at an odd hour of our lives. These can be neglected and resolved by switching onto a better alternative ever since you knew about it. Take a glance further to know more about it.

Have you ever witnessed scenarios where you have to go for some outing and you are always conscious about taking care of your keys ? If not this, have you ever been in a situation to step out due to some urgency yet you think of your sibling‘s safety at home? Not just this, what are the consequences you encounter in case you get back home and the door is locked, without you having the key to unlatch the door?

Have you ever been in a pressure of rushing back home, when you weren’t present there and some relatives of yours arrive at your place, waiting outside for a certain period of time? Last but not the least, have your ever been insecure of giving access to your custodian, and getting to think of a safer alternative than ever before which gives you ample of information?

If you have also been enduring similar scenarios at some or the other point of time in life, in that case there should be no ifs and buts for selecting the best alternative for yourself and availing the maximum benefits the latest technology has to offer with this digital and smart wooden door lock!

No such problems will tend to cross your path if you choose wisely, what serves you the best. We have the most robust creations, coming up with the advanced technology and the eye catchy compact delineation, giving your abode a perfect decor with our keyless, smart wooden door lock. It can be easily installed on any wooden or even a metallic door, which not only provides utmost security but also enhances the appearance of your abode

The acquaintance of the advanced technology not only brings ease in your ordinary lifestyle but also lets you withstand this dynamic and competent environment.
Furthermore, briefing about the eye catchy attributes of this digital door lock.


  • This lock does not require any key to access it. It is purely keyless. So you don’t have to be conscious anymore for looking after your keys every now and then.
  • This digital door lock can easily be mounted on any wooden or metallic door without much disturbance created. This has a hassle free and wireless installation process which can be done in a while.
  • This smart door lock is considered to be fruitful since it facilitates multiple unlocking ways, to have access to it. Hence, you get an immensely exemplary locking system that serves the utmost security with additional ease in operation.
  • You get aware of any unauthorized access taking place in your absence or any of which ways it might happen. Thus you can take immediate actions in case of such consequences that you come across.
  • Multiple people can be given access to the lock respectively at one point of time, corresponding to your requirement, i.e. whom do you want to allow to use it, for how long etc.
  • Getting a track record of people who unlatched the lock would make it so precise for you to stay worry free, isn’t it? By getting hands on this locking system, you avail the access to the digital unlocking history.
  • You can avail the feature of remotely accessing the lock, which brings forth top notch protection; i.e. in case you have to give access to anybody out there, you can now do it within a fraction of seconds.
  • Hence, summing up all the above traits this smart wooden door lock comes up with, all the issues mentioned above gets covered up by availing oneself of the latest technology that is coming across with a wider range of exclusive products that resolve recurring issues, proving to be a hindrance in your path to lead your lives peacefully.


While you choose a secure locking system for your abode’s safety, what all things are to be taken care of for choosing the best alternative for attaining a complete and an end to end security system for your well-being.

If you have finally come up with a decision to bring about a change in your traditional lifestyle to a modern one, it should be a no regret investment for you, which clearly means that it should fulfil all your expectations of a digital lock , here a smart wooden door lock.

If we talk about this particular door lock, it caters to all your security needs, giving you ample of worthy services that just takes all your worries away. This lock serves all the key features of an ideal digital lock- It’s completely keyless;it denies access to any unauthorized access taking place;

it allows you to give access only to those who you want to permit having access to; it is pickproof to avoid any unfavourable circumstances; unlike the ordinary locking systems it offers more than one unlocking ways to have access and enhance your security system; it supports visibility of the accessing history in the digital form thus maintaining a track record of the lock accessed;

it saves your time moreover by using any of the unlocking ways in case you are unable to access through one any of these, then you can swiftly opt the second option in no time; last but not the least, it is a wireless device which gives its appearance an extraordinary outlook.

Ever since an initial stage, we took an initiative to look forward with a bright aim, taking forward digital locks. Making mobile phone the new key in today’s era is our basic aim. Thus, we came up keyless locks one after the other.

It takes time to evolve and improve in the existing market as per the emerging technologies. Hence, the security solutions arena cannot stand still on a certain point of development, rather it relentlessly changes with time to get a better result every time. In addition, if you go for an effective lock security solution for your industrial, commercial or residential purpose then you can safeguard losses by preventing theft or burglary issues often taking place.

Advance locks that we dedicatedly deal in support real-time monitoring, alerts, and insights on the lock status that helps to take proactive actions in case of any sort of unwanted scenarios.Moreover we are always working to upgrade the mechanism of our locks, which serve the best to our customers and prove to be fruitful wherever deployed.

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