What is the Trailer security lock?

The Trailer security lock or the Safe'O'Buddy lock is a product manufactured by Kiasa International Pvt Ltd, as a total security solution to reduce the chances of in-transit thefts. It is used for safety purposes in many industries and logistics companies. It is an intelligent GPS lock device which provides safety to your goods and assets.

There are millions of containers used in the shipping industry, used for trackingthe containers and prevent it from any sort of thefts and cargo loss.

It is beneficial for many industries like chemical, petrochemical, off-stores, gas &oil companies, military etc. The GPS container lock tracks the location of your vehicle and helps you identify any unauthorized use of vehicle.

Trailer security lock is a tracking lock device for asset management systems. Some of its main features are as follows- it cannot be unlocked by any key, can only be accessed by a random 6-digit password which is generated by the authorized person, has a long lasting battery, in-builtwireless module, real-time online monitoring, in-built GPS module, etc.

It is proven to be a boon for a large number of companies, those who implement a secure passage of their goods. They can track all their vehicles and containers as and whenever they want to .The Safe’O’Buddy is a keyless GPS smart lock that provides an ideal wireless security to a great extent.The container cannot be opened unless the OTP is generated by the authorized person, which reduces the risk of pilferages.

Features& Benefits of Trailer Security Lock:-

  • Enhanced protection and durability
  • Live tracking & remote control
  • Enables timely action
  • Non-stop operation
  • Easy installations
  • Cargo tracking
  • Assets Protection
  • Cost effective
  • Invisible from outside
  • Heavy duty, robust and Rain proof design
  • Keyless Design reduces the risk of key loss and increase efficiency
  • Inbuilt GPS technology
  • Provides real time information for monitoring
  • Reduction in Cargo Theft
  • Lower security costs
  • Protections from drug contaminations


This lock provides mainly two facilities tracking and locking the vehicle. It is used in many fields like medical, off-stores, ATM machines, Bank lockers, and defense purposes. Adopting this feature can help you preventing your container fromthefts and cargo loss.

Using the Safe'O'Buddy lock can further help an organization to expand its business in the long run by avoiding the risk of increasingly high number of pilferages and breaches.

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