Truck Door Lock

Truck Door Lock

Truck Door Lock - Protect the Cargo from Every Theft

For decades, the logistics industry gets poorly hit by theft. Traditional cargo security systems are inefficient because they get breached without leaving any evidence of tampering. It makes cargo theft harder to identify. Well, the thieves are changing their ways to theft cargo from trucks and other vehicles.

They sell goods in the black market to trade illegally, ranging from food and beverages to high-end electronics. Opportunistic thieves can make almost any item fair game. Cargo theft has long been a difficulty in the trucking business. The goal of most cargo theft perpetrators is to make a quick buck while avoiding detection. At truck stops, shopping centre parking lots, and unguarded truck terminals, the bulk of cargo robberies occur when drivers abandon their trucks and goods alone. Thefts are highly prevalent on weekends and holidays. Partially stolen items are also every day. Even if you stick with your vehicle, someone can enter your trailer while eating or sleeping if you don't have any security. Have you ever think an idle way to prevent this stressful situation?

The panacea is a truck door lock that is ideal for all. Since several truck drivers use different sizes and types of hasps and door locks, not every padlock will suit every truck door. But knowing about new strategies helps companies to understand their weaknesses that help to avoid cargo theft.

Well, keep in mind as your cargo walks the twisting roads, it is necessary to pick the best truck door lock to safeguard cargo from theft. Let's get started!

This guide will help you to understand better about truck door locks from features to myths.

Features of Truck Door Lock you should know


Combo padlocks and other non-keyed locks generally do not have the same security protocols as the cargo trailer security locks. You also risk someone overhearing you discuss the code, seeing you type it in, deciphering it, and so on.

Shackle Protection

Since a shackle is likely to be thinner than a body, you'll want it to be as thick as possible (which gives greater thickness). You can do it with a padlock with a puck lock profile or a shackle shroud (both of these words refer to the many ways the lock body thickness can expand to cover the shackle).

Strong Internal Components

The interior elements of the padlock are in jeopardy of being broken to the point where the correct key will not open the padlock since it will be outdoors, exposed to the elements, debris, and stress from the vehicle's motion.

Strong Metal

It should apply to both the lock body and the shackle. Because the grade of hardened steel varies, it's advisable to go with alloy steel. Boron Carbide-based products are among the best on the market. This protects you from slashing and prying attacks.

Choosing Resistance

Although most thieves do not select locks, you do not want someone with little to no experience opening your lock fast and surreptitiously (Bump key sensitivity will correspond to lock picking resistance.).

Drill Protection

Several lock cores are brass and can be drilled out, even with a robust padlock with a hardened shackle. It would help if you had some drill protection, whether a spinning hardened steel anti-drill plate or anti-drill pins that deflect drill bits at critical drill locations.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings require for your padlock's locking pawls. Shimming other locking pawls is a simple bypass that most people can execute untrained with everyday home objects.

How do truck door lock function?

  • Digitize
    It makes your trucks safe and secure by digitizing them and keeping them "connected" at all times.

  • Secure
    You can arm your vehicles with truck door lock to keep them safe.

  • Track
    It tracks your vehicles' whereabouts and what happens to them when they're on the road.

  • Notify
    You will real-time notifications for occurrences like approved and unauthorized opens, unusual movement, idle time, and prolonged open, among others.

  • Secure Cargo
    Guarantee the safety of your goods and avoid theft and pilferage costs. Keep a close eye on your cargo's journey and follow any unusual activities in real-time. Use geo-fencing to regulate your cargo's movement better.

  • Minimized Losses
    Eliminate leakage losses and the costs of insurance, claims processing, and other operational overheads. Detect supply chain hotspots or weak points that are vulnerable to theft and fraud.

  • Increase accountability
    By digitizing logistics operations and monitoring critical events and metrics, you can improve accountability and visibility in your operations. It leads to greater operational transparency.

  • Polish Logistics Performance
    Provide real-time visibility and great insights into the performance of your logistics and critical business parameters. Reduce transportation costs while improving the bottom line.

  • PhysicalDefence
    The user gets real-time alerts if there are any suspicious occurrences or tamper attempts. When you're alerted, act quickly and stop any tampering attempts in the middle of them.

Why Choose Safe‘O'Buddy as a truck door lock?

Safe‘O'Buddy is a Theft Proof Trailer Lock designed for container vehicles, intending to stop losses due to theft or other unforeseeable incidents while the truck is in transport. It's an OTP-based waterproof lock that's ideal for shipping containers, enhancing security, increasing profits, and reducing hazards. Real-time tampering alarms, historical reporting, unmounting events, and many other features are among its top-of-the-line attributes.

The Theft Proof Trailer Lock can control by a mobile application that allows customers to control electronic locks, receive notifications, and follow the location and status of their goods, allowing for electronic cargo tracking. It's a surveillance system solution that's cloud-based, plug-and-play, and ready to use. Its unique approach does not require any new IT infrastructure to boost container security.

Other Truck Door Lock Options

You will be giving your cargo much more security than many others who are simply buying whatever they can get their hands on at the hardware store if you purchase a product that meets at least most of the standards outlined above.

You may require varying levels of security based on your budget, what you're hauling, and the types of truck stops where you'll be storing your load. Here are some suggestions that cover a wide range of potential requirements:

  • Mul-T-lock MT5+ TR 100 "Hockey Puck
    This padlock is an excellent example of the puck style. It's comparable to models from Master Lock and Trimax, but with the extra features that Mul-T-Lock offers in their high-security locks. Although some more frugal purchasers may swoon from sticker shock, this lock has a price that makes it affordable to most. Just remember that you're getting an extremely tough lock that nearly no one will be capable of picking open or force open for that amount.

  • Abloy PL 342T
    This lock, also known as the Abloy model 342, is enormous in size and security. The PROTEC2 core of this Abloy padlock has never been picked open to date. Criminals will struggle to pry open the shackle, which has an extraordinarily thick shrouded shackle (10mm in diameter). The primary issue you'll have with this lock is that you don't have a hasp that's the right size to support such a thick shackle.

  • Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock
    Standard features include a shrouded shackle and drill protection. Replacing the lock core with something safer is the best deal for such a modest fee in terms of value for money. An excellent beginner lock is the Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock. The essential Stanley is the lowest security placeholder you should settle with if you have invested in other things and need some time to return appropriate finances. You can't get much better for the money.

Various Locks Types

Companies can choose trailer door locks based on the requirements of truck door lock—hardware with a camera function sidebar that fixes using a hasp frequently used on truck doors. You can put a padlock on the hasp to secure the gates.

Padlocks exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they always share a few fundamental properties. Though you may be familiar with trucker jargon, there are a few more words to be informed.

  • Lock Body
    The internal components and lock core house in the thickest area of the lock body.

  • Shackle
    When the padlock is locked, a piece of metal remains immobilized, but when the padlock is open, it flexes to enable the lock to remove.

  • Locking Pawl
    When the padlock is locked, the device keeps the shackle immobile, and when the padlock is open, it retracts to enable the shackle to roam.

Debunked Myths about Cargo Theft

Cargo thieves target only high-value gadgets, cigarettes, and fashion goods. This is not the case. Cargo smugglers are interested in almost everything challenging to track and sell. Metals, construction materials, food, tyres, and other materials are examples.

The only places where vehicle and freight theft is an issue are major cities. Incorrect! Vehicle and cargo thefts occur worldwide, albeit more common in large metro cities, particularly port cities.

There's nothing you can do if someone wants to steal your truck or trailer, regardless of preventing them. Thieves are delighted that you think this way. The truth is that by taking a few straightforward safeguards, you may lessen your chances of theft.

Best security precautions to prevent cargo theft

They can break if someone detects a large number of goods inside a vehicle. It's not a good idea to leave valuables unattended in the bed of your (pickup) truck, especially at night. So, how do you know your possessions will be there the next day? The best security safeguards you can take are as follows.

  • Park carefully
    While parking your vehicle overnight, park it with the bumper on the door or near the entry. Leave your window shutters open and park your truck in the brightest light possible. Keeping the room light on, notably if you park close to your room, will deter potential burglars.

  • Cover the truck cargo with a heavy-duty tarp
    The fact that your goods are out in the open on the truck bed is your primary security concern. While utilizing a cargo net to secure everything to the truck is beneficial, everything remains exposed, and the net can break through, destroying your belongings.
    Putting a massive duty tarp across the truck bed provides two benefits. The first is that you can conceal your belongings, which is a sufficient deterrent. Second, cutting through a heavy-duty tarp and extracting the objects beneath it is more complex, especially if the tarp is also secure with a cargo net.

  • Short naps at truck destination
    It's an excellent way to stop for a rest along the way if you're going on a lengthy journey. Yet, you may not need to spend the night at a motel. It may be sufficient to sleep for 1-3 hours on the truck.

  • Lock the Wheel
    It's not true that the burglar won't steal your truck rather than removing heavy items from the truck bed? The most basic method of protecting your vehicle from being stolen is to use a steering wheel lock. A Theft Proof Trailer Lock lock is required; it is economical, practical, and easy to set up.

Bottom Line

The above conclusion arrays that it is essential to protect your truck from thieves. If not covered, you can lose your hard-earned money in a couple of minutes. If your gate is locked, you probably won't have to worry about things getting stolen. Many trucks, however, still have a simple door that can remove in seconds. High-security locks are controlled remotely due to technological breakthroughs. It lets a business owner or designee uses a smartphone or computer to set the alarm, lock, and open the doors.

You'll get a security alert if someone tries to mess with it. Nothing is more vital than preventing burglary and harm to your business property. Doors add an added layer of security and protection.

They offer more protection for precious things and information. There is no better pleasure than arriving at work and finding everything in its proper place.

Without any delay, pick a truck door lock to keep your cargo safe from theft every time! You'll sleep better knowing that your business is safe and protected.

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